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Just dropping in to let you guys know we hear you on a few issues that were brought up. To start off though I've seen a couple comments talking about how "they wish art staff will drop the consistency thing" and I will keep mentioning that without some forme of system in place things will get chaotic REAL fast. The general rule of thumb we follow is this massive wall of text made by Shazi in one of our (many) art threads in the staff hideout.

Shazi's consistency guide

Here is Shazi's tutorial on how I make sprites "consistent" now do note that this isn't the only way to do this, this is just how I do it. Other members on our team work a little differently to get to the same end. The beauty of art is that the method can be completely different but the result the same.

STEP 1 - Pick your Pokemon

First you take your evolution line, all of it. all the evolution stages and any megas it might have. Then you get both regulars and shinies and put them next to each other. Good boys, good stinky boys, I love them.

STEP 2 - Sort out your colours

So obviously the normal and shiny are different colours, but we need to work out exactly how different they are before we can go ahead and make some albino and melans, so what I do at this point is lay out some palettes for myself to reference throughout the colouring stage. So they look small, but when you are working with sprites, odds are you're going to be zoomed ALL THE WAY IN so they look more like this while you are working.

STEP 3 - The colour wheel

Here's where things get complicated. We run some art maths, which involves our good friend the colour wheel No not that one, that one is bad, look at how big the blue and green sections are, NONSENSE. This one Yeah that's the one, look at those sweet, sweet even colour segments So what we do with this awesome looking colour wheel is we map our where our colours are. For stunky we have (roughly) the following on the normal and like this for the shiny

STEP 4 - Applying some art math

So we have our colours all laid out and we know where they fall on the colour wheel, that's great! what we can do now is adjust them to find some nice colour palettes to apply to our sprites. Now make sure you make sure you are the same amount of steps apart. In terms of what colour we pick, it really doesn't matter, as long as all the corresponding colours meet in the same spots so, if we take the colours of the stunky line, we can shift them say 5 steps clockwise it ends up on these spots on the wheel. Then you apply this to the sprites

STEP 5 - Making them Albino and Melan

Now, you do some messing around and make them lighter and darker depending on if they are albino or melans (this takes a while to get the levels of saturation and lightness right) and it ends up looking something like this! This is just one palette - it's strictly an example and not indicative of a final product. Chances are for any given set of albino and melans we have made 5 or more palettes to choose from and adjusted them, showed them to our colleagues and reworked them several times before getting to the stage they get released on site. We try our best to make a good variety of different colours of albinos and melans to suit everyone and we're all admittedly biased towards certain colours. This is why we work as a team to choose the best melans and albinos to put on site. A recolour is never one person's decision, it's always a team effort.
This is mostly followed with exceptions taken to make sure that the priority focus is on making things look albino or melan, and not "normal and shiny v2", though we've messed up a few times because brain death happens at about week 2 on working on the same freaking sprite. Galarian ponyta melan being one such example - it could definitely be made to be more melan, though we did forget to back-update kantonian ponyta so that update coming in a day or so. here are some wips of edits to a few of the base sprites being made by Novie:

Edits - spoilers? not really???

And as mentioned, polteageist is currently getting edited as well.
The above edits were made to address some concerns that you all brought up: Ponyta's waist being hour-glass thin (one pixel was changed. one), Grappleoct being shrunk a little, and Sinistea getting sized up. To those wondering why this update was delayed...

The Ballad of Art Staff

At first we were going to push out literally every galarian forme at once (barring weezing since thats a different method) but it was discovered while doing data entry on March 30th that it was way, WAY too many sprites to dump at once - literally 9 lines of Galarians, AND niet had to so some back-end coding for breeding and adding additional coding to accomodate the dex naming for the new regions information, so it was cut in half and pushed back a week. On Thursday (April 2nd) the release set was updated again because skipping dex numbers would have lead to confusion, so it was decided that we would release the galarian regional variants without a new evolution + the next two in the dex to make it a release of 5 eggs, so clobbopus, grappleoct, sinistea and Polteageist which were already half-way done had to get put on rush. Soon enough, on monday evening, grappleoct had just finished getting its final edits. Sinistea line had just finished getting recolored, No sprites were uploaded since they were still being checked for any final edits or just had their recolors done so weren't separated from the sheet, so we were woefully underprepared to push out the sprites at reset. Additionally, there were some coding and dex errors that prevented the drop from happening regardless, so it was pushed to reset the following day which was reset on tuesday (April 7th going into April 8th). So a combination of issues lead to the release being delayed another day - sorry that you guys ended up getting frustrated, but we really tried doing everything we can. Our priority is making sure sprites stand up to our quality guidelines, so unfortunately that means a delayed release sometimes, and I'm really sorry we let you guys down. It kills me that so many of you were upset and the sprites still need edits - we've got a lot on our plate - tournaments, MCWs, artwork, regional recolors (yes, SINNOH recolor revamps, we're STILL doing that too!) are all still going on in the background. So all in all, I do apologize for the delays and everything and I promise to do better. Sorry for letting you all down.

EDIT: Made clearer that the recolor examples are just that - examples. They're not the final product.
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