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Hunt Post Thirteen

Moving to another new post because the other one is getting too dang long again. HM duration of 20/Mar til 22/Apr New HM duration of 25/Apr til 22/Oct
Galar Part 4! Random chance shiny Cramorant Sizzlipede Hunt Stats Galar hunt #13 [30♂S] [35♂A] [44♀A] [62♂A] [67♀A] [70♂S] [83♂S] [95♀S] [100 eggs] 20/Mar/2020—21/Mar/2020 Arrokuda Hunt Stats Galar hunt #14 [136♂A] [138♂A] [149♀S] [189♂S] [200 eggs] 22/Mar/2020—24/Mar/2020 Egg Hatch Tournamentalbino Growlithealbino Sandilealbino Spritzee Cramorant Hunt Stats Galar hunt #15 [71♀S] [94♀A] [100 eggs] 24/Mar/2020—26/Mar/2020 Toxel Hunt Stats Galar hunt #16 [23♂A] [63♂S] [106♂S] [123♀S] [128♂S] [170♀A] [187♂A] [211♀S] [267♀S] [321♂S] [334♂A] [389♀A] [400 eggs] 26/Mar/2020—30/Mar/2020
Shinx Hunt Stats wishforge + hunt [58♀A] [102♂A] [126♂A] [234♂A] [300 eggs] 30/Mar/2020—10/Apr/2020
Galar Part 5! Sinistea Hunt Stats Galar hunt #17 [55A] [256A] [260 eggs] 10/Apr/2020—18/Apr/2020 Clobbopus Hunt Stats Galar hunt #18 [93♀S] [219♀S] [246♀A] [260 eggs] 18/Apr/2020—25/Apr/2020 G. Darumaka Hunt Stats Galar hunt #19 [2♀A] [56♀A] [130 eggs] 25/Apr/2020—27/Apr/2020 Accidental? Galar Specials Zigzagoon: [4♂A]/7 Hatenna: [1♀A]/1 Impidimp: [2♂S]/3 Impidimp: [14♂A]/20 G. Farfetch'd [87♂A] [104♀S] [150 eggs] 30/Apr/2020—02/May/2020
Hunts To Do: Venipede (1 Shiny) Roggenrola (1 Melan) Blitzle (1 Shiny, 2 Albino) Boxaby Hunt Stats [42♂S] [58♂A] [68♀A] [99♂A] 15/Sep/2019—paused 23/Sep/2019—
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