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Commission Info


(Prices are negotiable for now) PMD Expression Sheets: $1.70 / 170 / 850 / 850K Per square Fullbody Pixels $3.00 / 300 / 1500 / 1.5m Fullbodies $7.00 / 700 / 3500 / 3.5m Banners (Custom Pixel Art- not using premade sprites) Can Range from $3.00 / 300 / 1500 / 1.5m to $7.00 / 700 / 3500 / 3.5m depending on complexity and See all examples below!

Placing Your Order

  1. "Hi Final, I'd like to order X for [PRICE/PAYMENT METHOD]" (Haggling for bigger orders is okay!)
  2. I accept your order.
  3. Send payment as a TRADE (Not a Gift- prepayment is not allowed. The trade is there to motivate me to finish your commission faster.) I complete your commission and respond to the trade. Completed artworks will be posted on the thread and via PMs.
  4. I complete your commission and respond to the trade. Completed artworks will be posted on the thread and via PMs.

Alternate Payments

Want to pay in something other than currencies? Great! I accept a bunch of other things too! You can find the things I accept in the below accordion.


1 = 1
Medium Gems of the type: Bug, Normal
1 = 2
Medium Gems of the type: Any other than listed elsewhere
1 = 4
Medium Gems of the type: Dragon, Steel


1 = 5
Any Box
1 = 105

Evolution Items

All Evolution Stones/Items/Etc = 1k / 1 / per* *Not including Everstones, items with inventory sellprices below 1kCR or Sweet/Tart Apples. If you have a Sweet/Tart Apple I'm willing to work something out with you.


Ask about other forms of payment. Summons, Mega Stones, vouchers, whatever. I may accept them depending on what you're offering!

Applicable Discounts & Deals

Discounts and Deals are available!

Expression Sheets

Order 4 Icons of the same character and get 80 ZC off of your order! Order 6+ Icons of the same character and get another square completely free!* Order 2+ Icons of Multiple Characters and get 5 FREE Squares PER 10 ordered** *Every 5 ordered after the first one you may get an additional square for free. I.E. If you ordered 11 icons you would get a total of 13 with your two free icons. **This can be 5 icons for 2 characters, or 5 characters with 2 icons per character, or anywhere in between this including more. Free squares may apply to any character and do not have to be evenly distributed. In order for the discount to take place, you must have at least 2 squares per character ordered. (I.E. you cannot order 10 squares all of different characters and expect to get the discount. The discount exists because it gets a bit easier to draw multiple squares for the same character instead of having to make new lineart for each square)

Additions & Other

Want something not listed? I may be willing to do uncolored sketches or lineart for cheaper than my full work pricing.

Expression Sheets

Different Color Borders: +10 ZC/per recolor (I.E. if all squares are using yellow you only have to pay 10 ZC for the color change to yellow.) Different Lineart For Each Square: +50 ZC/square (no fee for first square)* Different Background Colors: +10-30 ZC (depends on complexity. i.e. rainbow would cost more than a simple hue shift of existing colors.) Custom Background: +50 ZC** *As you can tell in the below examples, the expressions use the same lineart for every square. Different lineart for each square takes a considerable amount of time more than regular. As such, discounts also will not apply to ordering squares with different linearts. **This is for backgrounds that aren't just colors. Adding trees, etc into the background of the square. You will recieve the blank square (without a pokemon in it) along with your order and the custom background will not be reused.

Fullbodies & Other

Shading:+100 ZC

Terms of Use for my Art

The person who ordered the art has permission to use the sprites I've made for them wherever they'd like to, provided VISIBLE credit is given to me on my Pokefarm Q account. They MAY NOT shove credits in an invisible spot or where it is hard to find or unreadable. The end of the post or visibly in a corner is fine provided the credit is LEGIBLE and directly links back to me. (I should not have to specify that I must be able to SEE the credit given, but I do, considering I've had issues with this in the past.) They may give permission for others to use their commissioned pieces provided credit is still given. They have my permission to reupload their commissioned works to toyhou.se or any other media they see fit provided that proper credit is given. The art is owned by the commissioner after I complete it, but I retain the right to use any and all art that has been commissioned of me as examples of my work. I expect any reupload/usage of my art to include links back to my profile. If you sell a character that has commissioned works from me you MAY sell my art with the character AT THE PRICE COMMISSIONED or closest available price you can remember. (Prices change and I understand that you may not be able to find/remember the original pricing of a commissioned piece.) The new owner of the character MUST still follow the rules laid out by my Terms of Use.

PMD Sheets

These are NOT free to use. You may NOT use these. Raziel (First Image) is owned by me Silver (Second Image) is owned by xaandiir Mara, Jazz, Eva, and Espeata (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th images) are owned by Jalakins.


All above characters are owned by me.


Impyre and Minibbit are owned by PFQ


All Art by Me
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