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Painted94's AvatarPainted94
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I'm in Pokepark now!

Username: Painted94 Character Name: Vio Species: Charmander (albino) Gender: Male Personality: Brave - Tends to be a bit over ambitions and gets bummed when goals aren't accomplished. Tends to stick himself out a helping hand to everyone however he is never going to be actually very helpful in much being that he's a very young adventurer. Still such a green nose, grasshopper, rookie, what have you nicknames infact that it would be better to teach him things and guide him to becoming a more helpful individual. He lacks control on his tail flame making for some difficult interactions due to immense heat and potential fires from him but he never intentionally hurts anyone if he can help it and catches on when he feels he's caused an issue. Appearance: charmander with a lilac light purple body, and an even lighter underbelly. His eyes a piercing ruby red and a bright flaming blue and violet tail tip that potentially can set things near it on fire. Surprisingly social but hides his face with a green or teal like silk cloak which covers his mouth and shoulders. Image (Optional): Will they evolve?: mayhaps...(yes) Likes: Adventures Fairy tales Battles Bug types (he thinks they're cute but kinda scared he'd burn them by accident) Dislikes: The cold Getting sick (who does?) Accidentally burning things Dry foods Anything Else?: He's unsure what he seeks but perhaps it's to be recognized? So yeah have fun!
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