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Hunt Post Twelve

Moving the Galar part of my previous Hunt Post over here cuz the length of that one is just ridiculous. Maybe if it had better color coding, I would keep it but as is, this section is getting lost. So, new post. HM duration of 14/Feb til 22/Apr
Galar Part 2! Nickit Hunt Stats Galar hunt #4 i guess [113♀S] [119♂S] [157♀S] [162♀A] [250 eggs] 04/Feb/2020—08/Feb/2020 Blipbug Hunt Stats Galar hunt #5 [15♂A] [36♂A] [161♂A] [199♀S] [228♂S] [237♀S] [245♂A] [250 eggs] 11/Feb/2020—14/Feb/2020 Rookidee Hunt Stats Galar hunt #6 [67♂S] [81♀A] [118♂A] [133♂A] [150 eggs] 14/Feb/2020—19/Feb/2020 Skwovet Hunt Stats Galar hunt #7 [6♂A] [68♀A] [129♀A] [182♂S] [205♂S] [205 eggs] 20/Feb/2020—24/Feb/2020 Gossifleur Hunt Stats Galar hunt #8 [80♀S] [115♀A] [120♂A] [195♂A] [200 eggs] 24/Feb/2020—27/Feb/2020 Chewtle Hunt Stats Galar hunt #9 [21♀A] [34♂A] [56♀A] [104♂S] [151♀A] [200 eggs] 27/Feb/2020—01/Mar/2020
Galar Part 3! Rolycoly Hunt Stats Galar hunt #10 [12♂A] [138♀A] [161♀S] [250 eggs] 06/Mar/2020—08/Mar/2020 Type Race: Icealbino Amauraanother albino Amauraalbino Amaura again Silicobra Hunt Stats Galar hunt #11 [46♂A] [70♀S] [100 eggs] 08/Mar/2020 Applin Hunt Stats Galar hunt #12 [43♂A] [47♂S] [51♀A] [135♀A] [139♀A] [143♂A] [149♀S] [158♀S] [182♀A] [190♀A] [250 eggs] 08/Mar/2020—14/Mar/2020
Scatterbug Hunt Stats for the evo tourney [61♂S] [187♂A] [188♂S] [196♀S] [211♀A] [218♀A] [274♀S] [292♀S] [333 eggs] 14/Mar/2020—20/Mar/2020
Hunts To Do: Venipede (1 Shiny) Roggenrola (1 Melan) Boxaby Hunt Stats [42♂S] [58♂A] [68♀A] [99♂A] 15/Sep/2019—paused 23/Sep/2019— March 8th stats: 322 eggs adopted from various places, 23k interactions, 874 points for the type race
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