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Vio was unaware of the pokemon following behind him thus far. He had only glimpsed back once after all so soon as he was down the ladder and into the cave the first thing he did was look back up to the ladder. There is where he noticed the Arcanine climbing down which didn't shock him or offput him really, he wasn't a skittish person. With that he waved to them and gave a toothy smile. "Awesome someone else to meet n greet, so hi there!" He was enthusiastic and entirely seemed different for the average teen let alone a charmander what with many sporting a shy and or hot headded attitude. "So what's your name? I've been giving out mine all day i'd like to know someone's." He chuckled with a huge bright glow from his tail much more luminating the room than it previously would be at any point. Still nothing like a lighthouse just a huge embery flame of blue.
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