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Single post in Ultra Prisms RP [1x1 with Slimemold]

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Grace nodded to the Bounsly's detailed response. "I'll see if there's any Aspear or Sitrus berries growing early then." she chirped, before she left Sassafras and Natty by themselves to chase after Sachs. Sassafras hadn't heard what the Petmy had uttered under her breath, but it didn't seem important since she was already gone. Instead, the Charmander forgot all about the mission and continued conversing with Natty. "Having friends is everything where I'm from!" she cheered. "There isn't really much to do in Cinnabark except spend time with the people you care about. So, that's why I've always liked making friends. So we could keep each other company during times when we had nothing important to do. Not that developing bonds between each other isn't important." she rambled. Seeing her new friend turning back to the forest caused the current mission she gave everyone to recollect in her mind. She almost immediatly began moving in the direction that they other two had rushed off to. She turned her head back every few seconds to make sure Natty was following. "I have an issue where I get really upset when a friend leaves. Yeah, these things happen all the time, but it just hurts in every instance. Giranite leaving really did a number on my emotional state before we found out why he did it, and it seems Bronco blamed him for that." she explained. "I don't know why he's still mad at him now since we're all good but... I have a theory." she stopped in her tracks and turned around to Natty. She cupped her hands together in a fashion similar to how one would whisper something in to someones ear without getting too close. "I think Mister Macho Man was more upset about him leaving than I was." she whispered to the Bounsly, despite no one else being near them. - Grace continued chasing after Sachs, though he was going pretty fast even though he was just walking. Grace had always been a very slow mover. She was thankful that he finally stopped at the forest's edge, giving her time to catch up to him. She was less thankful when he turned around and began heading back in the direction she was in. "Yo, dude. Where are you going?" she asked with shock spread across her face. "You seriously aren't giving up now, are you?" She shuffled closer to the forest and turned around to him. "If you want to find berries then you have to get a closer look than just that!"
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