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In all Pokémon Centers and in the entrance hall/waiting area's of the gyms were televisions mounted to the wall. They were all on the Rorie Island channel, which most of the time showed nature programs with the flora and fauna of the islands, but also local news, international news, a life report of League's if one was being held in any of the regions. A program showing some scenery of Evoru was interrupted with the Rorie Logo and the newsreader came into view. "An exceptionally large Tentacruel has been spotted in the water between Indelgy and Evoru. Professor Maple and Ranger Kaldara insist no-one will try to catch it. It may be dangerous to do so and they wish to investigate it in its natural habitat. Ferry's between Indelgy and Evoru won't depart for the time being. If anyone wants to know more, they can call the Pokémon Ranger Headquarters on Evoru or check their website."
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) The Rorie League - a Pokémon Trainer RP (open)
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