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Single post in Ultra Prisms RP [1x1 with Slimemold]

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Grace nodded to the Bounsly's question related to her name. "That's right. The one and only." she responded with a warm and friendly smile to Natty. She ignored the noise from her Skorupi friend in an attempt to become friends with the Bounsly. She seemed like the kind of Pokémon who knew how to have fun! Sassafras remained silent as she listened to the three Pokémon converse with each other, deciding that she herself would speak once they were finished to suggest what they do from there. "Oh! Speaking of food, I'm pretty good at finding berries. Do any of you have a preference on what type of berries you will eat?" Grace asked the group. The mention from Natty that they were friends caused Sassafras' back to tingle with joy. Her eyes widened with a little twinkle, and she put both hands next to her mouth in amazement. "We're friends?" she asked in a quick, gasping fashion. Was she... tearing up a little? "Oh goodness. I was hoping we'd eventually become friends throughout our travels together, but to already consider us your friends- Why you've made me the happiest Charmander in the world!" she beamed and jumped in glee. "Jeez lady, it isn't that big of a deal." Grace mumbled to herself and watched the Skorupi leave them behind. Grace shuffled after the grump- as she heard Natty call him when she went past her and Sassafras-- so he wouldn't get too far by himself. "Hey! Wait up! You haven't answered my question yeeetttt!" she exclaimed to Sachs as she was chasing after him. Sassafras noticed the two Pokémon walking away and began following them. She stopped and looked over at Natty after she had gave her friendly adivce. "Oh don't worry! I'm used to these kinds of Pokémon by now!" she said, keeping the same smile and twinkle in her eyes.
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