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Single post in Zan's massive treasure hoard

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Zan's AvatarZan
Zan's Avatar
these are still good doodles
thinkin abt how i am going to become a professional artist aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (in a good way) i love drawing so much!!!!!!!! i love to draw & make things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am juste a littel draw person....i canot change thise.... aioagjdgjkljabfsbgnbkgnbgskbngjbskg i wish there was a way to hide the little "edited on" header on posts bc it's really visually distracting 2 me.... it just makes that part of the post too big. but i understand the reasons for having it readily visible. i just edit my posts a LOT bc i am constantly forgetting thigsn or wanting to add something on or wanting to make tiny corrections or w/e so a lot of my posts tend to have like a minimum of 3 separate edits
ii can't wait to draw for people for like my JOB i mean i already do it in my art shop but like.... i will get to do it full time, i'll be able to spend full days on a piece and not feel anxious bc i'm putting something else off.... hogghjfkhgjkdhgj gfgjhfghkfgdkj
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