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"Bone Rush!" Roxy said, Her lucario summoned a bone and used the move on the opposing Pangoro, Ultimately fainting it "Pangoro is unable to battle, Lucario wins!" The referee said, Marke grumbled and Took out his next pokeball, Sending out Gengar, "Use Shadow ball!" He said as Gengar used the move very quick, Giving lucario no time to dodge, It grumbled and stood up "Close combat!" Roxy Exclaimed as her Lucario ran up to use the move, But realized too late that it was going for another shadow ball, which fainted Lucario, Roxy huffed and returned Lucario, Taking out another pokeball and let Zoroark out after the referee was done talking, "Use Night slash!" Roxy said softly, Zoroark used the move quickly, It hitting "Now gengar! Mega evolve!" Marke said as his Gengar became Mega Gengar, Roxy grinned, "ALRIGHT! ZOROARK! LET'S SHOW THEM SOME TRUE Z-POWER!" Roxy yelled as Her Z-Ring glowed "With the darkness inside, unleash a full force z-move...With full power....USE BLACK HOLE ECLIPSE!" She exclaimed as Zoroark growled, Using the z-move which fainted the Gengar "Gengar is unable to battle! Zoroark wins which makes Roxy the winner!" The referee said, Marke and Roxy both returned their pokemon "Great work, you've earned these!" Marke said as he went up to Roxy and handed her the badge and a Ghostium Z "Thank you..." Roxy said as she left the Gym with her pokemon behind her, She headed for the pokemon center
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