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Matamoja's AvatarMatamoja
Matamoja's Avatar
All of these are 99% and go for 30gp, except for variants and exclusives, which go for 40gp. This is kinda long, so if you're looking for something specific I suggest using ctr+f or 'find in page' if you're on phone. The pokémon are listed as their lowest evolutionary form. I edit this as soon as something changes, so don't worry about it being up to date. It should always be ^w^ List of breeding 99% pairs:

Warning: long

Scatterbug x11 Goldeen x14 Magikarp x26 Vulpix x18 Pidgey x3 Lapras x4 Noibat x18 Honedge x3 Woobat x1 Litleo x1 Grookey x1 Pichu x1 Cherubi x1 Absol x5 Togedemaru x6 Ralts x10 Snubbull x3 Gastly x12 Treecko x6 Caterpie x5 Nidoran x4 Poochyena x3 Amaura x3 Sobble x7 Gible x1 Surskit x3 Shinx x6 Alolan Sandshrew x2 Pumpkaboo x10 Rookidee x8 Purrloin x1 Eevee x17 Chewtle x1 Yamper x2 Wooloo x1 Houndour x7 Klefki x2 Combee x3 Applin x4 Dreepy x1 Slowpoke x3 Phantump x3 Turtwig x1 Tyrunt x1 Ekans x1 Wooper x1 Rockruff x15 Nincada x1 Bulbasaur x1 Dratini x1 Litwick x2 Drifloon x3 Skiddo x1 Pidove x1 Sneasel x1 Tynamo x1 Sandshrew x1 Mawile x2 Croagunk x2 Glameow x1 Zubat x1 Cufant x1 Oshawott x1 Snorunt x1 Spritzee x4 Mareep x1 Apocalyptic Growlithe x1 Squirtle x1 Buneary x2 Phione x2 Cottonee x1 Galarian Zigzagoon x2 Smeargle x1 Trapinch x1 Weedle x1 Goomy x1 Pachirisu x1 Starly x1 Sandile x1 Dedenne x1 Skwovet x1 Charmander x1 Chimchar x1
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