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As the sun rose over Slateport City in the Hoenn region, Lisia drug a suitcase into the city's Contest Hall. The star's bright blue hair was up in a bun, rather than it's usual fashion for contests. Though, that was to be expected, seeing as how she usually got herself ready in the building the contests took place in. Right now, she was in a blue Altaria-theme hoodie, with some bright blue jeans, and bright blue sneakers.  She was followed by her trusty Pokemon sidekick, Ali the Altaria. Ali chirped quietly as they made their way into the greenroom. Lisia sat down, and opened the suitcase. She pulled a hair brush out of the case, and began brushing the bird's feathers. Ali softly cooed as Lisia brushed through his feathers. "Alright boy, you know what to do when the newbies show up, right?" The bird nodded his head, and Lisia gently smiled.  "Okay, good!" After brushing Ali's feathers, Lisia got up, heading over to the changing room to dress herself. After all, she would have to look her best to impress the new contestants that would be showing up. Lisia popped out of the changing room in her bright blue contest outfit. Ali's slightly gloomy expression was now replaced with a more content look. Lisia pet the bird's feathers, and then his face. "I'm honestly just glad Chaz and Macherie won't be here today... I love the guy, sure, and he might be my... 'rival,' I guess..." Lisia cringed at the thought of having a contest rival. "But... I can live with him not showing up." Ali nodded, thinking about Chaz's Machoke. "Anyways, we gotta go out there and give the newbies a warm welcome! You ready boy?" The bird nodded once again, and Lisia smiled brightly, filled with excitement. "Alright!" ( setup can be found here!!: setup!! )
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