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I wanna be a contest star!

Zephyr Maybell

Character name: Zephyr Maybell Age: 13 Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him/his Appearance: He is a lanky boy, with pale skin and dark purple hair, and even darker purple eyes. He wears a green hoodie, and dark gray leggings. He also wears gray Vans, with white ankle-length socks. It’s not that he’s not color-coordinated; it’s just that he doesn’t care what he wears outside of contests. Contest outfit: He wears a royal blue tailcoat jacket, with royal blue Levis tucked into shiny, raven-black lace-up boots. He also wears raven-black leather gloves. He also wears a long, silver scarf. Personality: Zephyr is almost always smug and relaxed, and not for no reason. People claim he’s lazy and a rude slouch upon meeting him, and he doesn’t bother to argue. He doesn’t get angry very easily. He simply waits to see their reactions after they see him in action. He comes from a rich family, and his mother trained both him and his older sister to use their Pokémon in shows to make money. So Zephyr and his sister are very talented at extorting their Pokémon’s moves and physical features for the most appealing appearance. He doesn’t treat his Pokémon badly; he still respects them and their wishes, and they do the same for him. Backstory: Welp sorta already told in personality, but here we go again. Zephyr‘s parents were travelling entertainers, and they were extremely skilled at it. They made a lot of money, and were able to settle down with it. They had Zephyr and his older sister, Clara. Their father was against training them in the ways of performing, as they had settled down and didn’t need to perform and travel, but their mother wanted to teach them anyway. They both showed interest in learning, so their mother taught them, beggining at age 8 for Clara and age 6 for Zephyr. They both showed talent for it, and used their parent’s Pokémon at first. When it came time for Clara to get her starter, rather than taking her to the lab, they gave her an empty Pokéball and one of their Pokémon, and helped Clara catch a Pokémon (Clara managed to catch an Azurill). When Zephyr’s time came, he disappointed his parents by catching a Croagunk. However, when he showed them how he could prove Croagunk’s worth, they allowed him to perform. He went on to catch another Pokémon, and also use that to its full potential. He proved that Pokémon that didn’t initially look beautiful could also please an audience. Other: Sorry for the plot holes in his backstory! Password: and, this color!


Pokémon 1s name: Mozul Species: Croagunk Gender: Male Type: Moveset: Astonish Flatter Sucker Punch Swagger Appearance: That of a regular Croagunk Personality: Same as Zephyr Other: Croagunks aren’t normally found in Hoenn, and this will have something to do with Zephyr’s story eventually, perhaps not in this roleplay, though.


Pokemon 2s name: Carol Species: Beartic Gender: Female Type: Moveset: Icicle Crash Powder Snow Charm Substitute (TR) Appearance: That of a regular Beartic, just slightly smaller. Personality: Carol is intense and energetic, and loves to win. Zephyr has to get her in her ball quick after a loss, because she tends to throw a temper tantrum. Other: She gets along well with Mozul, but she’s always dragging him around. Also, Cubchoo are also not found in Hoenn. This is also important to Zephyr’s story, but probably won’t be brought up in this roleplay at all.
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