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November 5th, 2019

QUOTE originally posted by KingSquirtle and Shawn

Me: I don’t know if I’m going to make it!! Shawn: Don’t worry! Charlotte and Jacob are on their way. Me: I don’t think they’ll make it in time!!!! Shawn: Don’t think that way! You’re going to survive! Me: I hope so. Me: SHAWN Me: HELP ME Me: HE HEARD ME. Shawn: HOLD ON. THEY’RE RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR. Shawn: Mike? Shawn: MIKE????
I bet you’re wondering how I got in that situation. To avoid confusion, I’m going to tell you all the events that happened before Nov. 5th. October 25th, 2019 Hi. My name is Mike, aka KingSquirtle, and I just started playing Pokéfarm a little while ago. On my 1st day, I got a PM from my brother, Shawn.

PM with Shawn

Shawn: Hey there, Your Highness. Me: Ha ha, very funny. Me: At least my username isn’t my real name. SOOO unoriginal. Shawn: KingSquirtle is unoriginal too! Me: What do you want my name to be? 100110101? XD Shawn: Binary is interesting! It can be used for secret messages and stuff! Me: “and stuff!” Yeah, I think your smart-guy act is slipping. Shawn: Whatever. Welcome to Pokéfarm. Me: Whatever :P
Why does he need to be so negative? After ONE incident with a hacked Charmander and now he’s scared of them. His old username was CharmanderLord, but I guess that a little bit of code is too scary for him. What a wimp.
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Meet Drakor the mega noodle. He likes food and wishing you good luck today. (Made by Sheepoid :D)
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