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Single post in My Hero Academia: Wider World [Setup][15+]

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Hikari Shouma

Read the Rules?: Yup! Can access this subforum?: Yes! Character Name: Hikari Shouma Sex: Male Gender: Non Binary, They/Them Sexuality: Aro-Ace Quirk Name: Siren Quirk Description: Siren manifests in Hikari through a pair of large wings on their back and an incredibly persuasive voice, similar to the winged sirens in mythology. Thanks to their quirk, Hikari can not only fly but is also able to make people do as they say, be it through singing or speaking. (Ex: They can ask someone to punch a wall and their voice sounds compelling enough to make said person do so.) Quirk Downsides: -Level of persuasion depends on the subject’s willpower. The more determined the target, the less effective their voice. -Target has to understand what they’re saying to do said order, so if the person doesn’t understand Japanese/can’t hear the words, then they will remain unaffected. -Gradually loses effectiveness the more it’s used on the same target over and over in a short period of time. -EVERYONE who hears the order will feel compelled to do so, even if Hikari mentions the intended target by name. -The more extreme the order, the less likely it is the target will follow through. (Ordering someone to drop their weapon would be much more effective than ordering someone to jump off a cliff.) -Persuasive voice can’t be turned off. Appearance: Hikari stands at about five feet, with auburn hair kept in a bobcut and doe shaped brown eyes, as well as tan skin. They have two large wings bursting from their back, each around seven feet in length. The wings are pure white in color, lined with black at the very tips, resembling that of a Japanese Snow Crane. Personality: Hikari is gentle and soft-spoken, preferring to allow others to lead. They can oftentimes be somewhat of a pushover, and their coddled upbringing has made them rather spoiled and naive, sometimes ignorant to the hardships and struggles of others, but they try their best to do what’s right regardless of the situation. Backstory: The only child of a wealthy man and woman who had them later in life, Hikari grew up remarkably coddled and sheltered. They never wanted for anything, and everything they asked for, was given. Their parents were loving and supporting and couldn’t possibly care more for their child. Perhaps they cared a little too much. Hikari soon realized that they didn’t know how to do anything, and it was easy to feel frustrated whenever their parents dismissed their concerns. And beneath it all was the worry: what would they do when they were older? They couldn’t stay here forever, much as their parents would like them to. They tried again and again to explain what they were feeling, but their parents never understood how giving their child everything they could need could possibly be a bad things. School was no better. Although they weren’t outright shunned for their quirk when it finally manifested, it did make a lot of their classmates uncomfortable, and Hikari noticed that. They eventually decided to just not talk at all, letting others believe their wings were the only part of their quirk. It was doable, but Hikari felt miserable and trapped. High school was coming soon, and they still didn’t know what to do. Things came to a head however on Hikari’s last year of middle school. They had gone to their local bank to withdraw some money when a group of armed robbers came in, wielding their quirks and sending everyone in a panic. Hikari was alone- their parents weren’t here to stop them. Their classmates weren’t here to judge them. There was only the terrified crowd all around them, cowering, and the feeling in their chest. They opened their mouth and used their quirk for the first time in years. Needless to say, the robbers were not expecting that, and Hikari managed to delay them until the pro heroes arrived. They were scolded for their unauthorized use of their quirk, true, but also praised for their utilization in a dangerous situation. Hikari felt something in them settle. This: this was what they wanted. To be a hero. When Hikari got home that night, the first thing they did was apply to UA. Thanks to the recommendations from one of the Pro Heroes who had been on the scene, they were able to get in. First Language: Japanese Any other languages: Sign Language, English Favorite Thing(s): -Flying -Fruits -Drawing -Milkshakes -Games Fear(s): -Deep Water -Small Spaces -Losing their wings Affiliation(s): UA Student, 1-A Student, Special Recommendation Discord ID: Done Other?: -Can’t swim: their wings soak in water like a sponge and ends up pulling them down from the weight. They had had to learn this the hard way. -Outside of battle they almost never talk, communicating through Sign Language or using a small whiteboard and marker they carry everywhere. -Has to cut holes into their clothes for their wings. -When summer comes around they molt and leave feathers everywhere. -
Avatar and Sigature free to use, taken from GalladeRox's thread! Go check them out!
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