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Read the Rules?: Yep! Can access this subforum?: Yes, I can! Character Name: Hachi Hotaru Sex: Female Gender: Female Sexuality: Questioning Quirk Name: Swarm Quirk Description: Hachi's quirk gives her the ability to summon any bees, wasps, or hornets within a certain radius of her current area. She can use them to complete daily tasks, or in battle. Quirk Downsides: She cannot control an unlimited amount of bugs, and if she attempts to control them for too long she will pass out. Appearance: I haven't drawn her in forever, so I'll just write this up for now. Hachi is a very short girl, who also appears to be rather normal when it comes to weight. She has thick, brown hair, that is almost always tied up in a messy bun. Her skin-tone is pale white. Her eyes are a warm brown, similar to her hair color, and freckles cover her face. She always wears black-and-yellow clothes in some variation. Usually, that is a turtleneck sweater with blue-black jeans and some yellow boots. The sleeves on the shirts she wears are always a bit too long as well. Personality: Hachi is incredibly shy, and tends to stick to herself if she has the ability to. However, she is very kind to anyone she comes across, and is always easily willing to become friends with even the most rude people. Things do get to her on the inside, despite her showing it or not, very easily. Backstory: She was born and quickly given to her father, after her mother ran away from home. She grew up as an only child in a very poor household. Due to her ratty clothes, she was often made fun of, and was also made fun of frequently for her powers to control bees. Everyone thought she was some sort of freak, which always kept her sad. In Middle School, she met a boy named Joey, who walked through most of her school life. However, unfortunately, after the 8th Grade, she moved to Japan, where she now is trying her hardest to get into U.A. First language: English Any other languages: Japanese, Latin Favorite Thing(s): Bees, Honey, Bubble Tea, Anything Fluffy, Drawing Fear(s): She has a large fear of Spiders and the Darkness as well, unless she has someone to hug through the night. Affiliation(s): She is in class 1-A as a foreign exchange student from the U.S.A. (I know you said to stay away from 1-A, but I hope you don't mind! ;v;) Discord ID, unless you don't want the invite or have a Discord to begin with (I can't post the invite here because PFQ Rules): toffeebean#0206 Other?: Not that I can think of! :)
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