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Heya, I'm scorkaji. And when I was new, I hatched a shiny Shinx with nothing but a 16% sei day chance, over time he became like a son, and his name is Raion. Until one day, I lost him. It was, a normal day, my friend Meri had been hunting Gragon, which was funny because she had made a creepypasta about one named Pig Nose, and not only was he my favorite nature. I. Adored. Him. I had been talking to Meri about Pig Nose when I gave the offer. "Aww! That story you wrote about Pig Nose was cute!" I typed as a pm, it was honest. I wanted Pig Nose merch, honestly. "Yeah, thanks" she replied, for some reason. "Wanna dex my child, Raion? All I ask is a little visit from pig nose." "Are you sure?" It was hesitant, but I'm sure she was joking. "Yeah!!!" I typed back, sending the trade. My usual dex trade rules were in place, give him back don't release blah blah, but I do allow messages, so I said that too. Quickly the trade was responded to, with no text. Sending him to my good child field for seconds, I visit him to send him back. Clicking on send in trade, an error pops up. "Pokemon is busy!" What.
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