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Hunt Post Number Eleven!

HM runs out on Oct/14/2019. New HM: 25/Oct til 22/Apr
Throh Hunt Stats goal: dry shiny for Dusky Peculiar ✓ [82♂A] [149♂S] [174♂S] [205♂S] [241 eggs] Oct/12/2019—Nov/02/2019 Snivy Hunt Stats [23♂A] [136♂S] [169♂A] [213♀A] [237♂A] [255♂A] [302♂A] [326♂A] [401♂S] [402 eggs] Nov/02/2019—Nov/22/2019 Rowlet Hunt Stats goal: 3 albino ✓ [92♂S] [136♂S] [138♂A] [155♂S] [255♀S] [256♂A] [300♂S] [321♂S] [323♂S] [357♂A] [360 eggs] Nov/23/2019—Dec/15/2019 Yamask Hunt Stats [21♀A] [27♂A] [120♀S] [155♂S] [165 eggs] Dec/15/2019—Dec/28/2019 [Random albino Peprye] Scorbunny Hunt Stats lazy hunt [7♂A] [65♂S] [68♀S] [74♂A] [91♂A] [115♂S] [147♂A] [166♂A] [185♂S] [211♂S] [212♂S] [243♂A] [300 eggs] Dec/28/2019—Jan/03/2020 Bruxish Hunt Stats [104♀A] [177♀A] [216♀S] [219♀A] [262♀S] [263♂S] [310 eggs] 03/Jan/2020—08/Jan/2020 Sobble Hunt Stats Galar hunt #2 [49♂A] [87♀A] [168♂A] [230 eggs] 08/Jan/2020—19/Jan/2020 Grookey Hunt Stats Galar hunt #3 [36♂A] [61♂A] [74♂S] [205 eggs] 19/Jan/2020—26/Jan/2020 Skeleco Hunt Stats [2♀A] [33♂A] [45♀A] [55♀A] [102♀S] [127♂S] [150 eggs] 26/Jan/2020—01/Feb/2020 Durant Hunt Stats (Well screw Durant then haha) [101 eggs] 01/Feb/2020—03/Feb/2020
Hunts To Do: Venipede (1 Shiny) Snivy (2 Shiny / 3 Albino) Got'em! Rowlet (3 Albino) Got'em! Roggenrola (1 Melan)
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