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Single post in My Hero Academia: Wider World [Setup][15+]

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Read the Rules? Of course Can access this subforum? Yep~ Character Name: Griffen Gray (student) Sex: Male Gender Male Sexuality: Straight Quirk Name: Chronokinesis Quirk Description: The user is able to manipulate time, in ways such as time travel, and erasing things from time. But with Griffin as of now (due to a lack of motivation to use his quirk, and not caring) he can only slowdown the time of those around him, and slightly increase his physical abilities. Quirk Downsides: Griffin has to have direct eye contact with the other person in order for time to slowdown (doesn't work on robots), as well as only being able to slow time down for 8 seconds before becoming temporary blind. If he keeps his body enhance for to long, he will become temporary paralyzed. Appearance: Personality: Extremely shy around people in general even if he has known them his whole life. Slightly insane when he thinks that no one is around. Really lonely because he believes that there is no point in having friends or being in a relationship Backstory:Griffen had a relatively normal life, well until his mother left him and his father when he was ten after which his father committed suicide right in front of him. After his father's suicide Griffen was sent to live with his aunt in Japan being his only remaining family member. First language: English Any other languages: Japanese Favorite Thing: Lit matches Fears: Griffin fears the dark. Affiliation: UA class 1-A Discord ID: TheRealNthing#7639 Other?: Muffins~ Yay The picture works!
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