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Cassandra confidently strutted into the Pokemart, her wallet brimming with cash. "5 Ultra Balls, please?" she said counting six thousand pokebucks
Using canon prices!
from her wallet and stacking them on the counter. "What are using those for? I thought you were just going to get all the contest ribbons?" Cash snorted. "Yeah, I know. I might find a really cute pokemon, and I don't have time to waste throwing petty pokeballs at it." Cassandra huffed, taking her nail filer out. "What island are we on again? I can't keep up with the names." she inquired after a couple of seconds in complete silence. "We're on Indelgy Island, flying types only." Cash mumbled whilst typing on his phone. "I don't HAVE any flying types in my party!" Cassandra wailed in response. "Why not use that Vivillion dad gave to you on your eigth birthday?" Cash shrugged. He then looked at her. "Don't tell me you forgot." "Of course I forgot! He said I couldn't use it until I got a starter, which was TWO years later." Cassandra replied, dragging the Villion [Ocean Pattern] into her party.
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