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Single post in The Shining Ember of Alola (USUM/Ben 10 2016 Crossover)

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Mryaaaaaa, I said telepathically to Gwendolyn. I floated invisibly in front of a window, staring at the brunette boy asleep on the other side. Are you sure this is the kid? He looks real ordinary to me. I doodled on my notepad, staring at the Konikoni boy. He was wearing a set of Decidueye pajamas, and he was snoring. Very loudly, I may add! The window in question belonged to a house within a cliff wall near Konikoni City. It was right next to the Pokemon Center, rather convenient. Brunette kid with Decidueye pjs living next to the Konikoni Pokemon Center? the Gothitelle replied. That would be him, Madeline. That's Ben Tennyson, he's the kid. WHOA whoa whoa back it up, I psychically replied, shocked. He's a Tennyson?! As in, related to THE Gwen Tennyson? YUP, replied Gwen. I'd always found it funny that a Gothitelle shared her name with a Hoennese Contest Queen. They're cousins. And the Contest girl? Her mom's originally from here! GET. OUT! I shouted in my mind. The famous Gwen Tennyson is an Alolan? Oh my-! HANG ON, the kid's getting up! I almost missed him, what with the bombshell about the famous Contest Queen being an Alolan. The boy, who I still couldn't believe was related to Gwen Tennyson of Hoennese Contest fame, was walking for the bathroom and yawning. He nabbed something out of his closet as he went in. Huh, wonder what exactly was he gonna do that Gwen foresaw? (I know, I know, a very weak start but it'll pick up, I promise! ...I hope)
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