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Sammy looked over the paperwork. While he was doing so, he considered his options. These weren't like most of the pokemon they took care of. They weren't feral, and they actually wanted to stay. It was allowed, obviously, but rarely happened. On the one hand, he could lie, and say this was the wrong place. But if Animus found out (which she always does, and Krow would tell her anyway, ugh) he might get kicked out. On the other, he could already see a big winged shape land a bit away from their position. "Looks good, I guess. C'mon. I'll take you too see the boss. Goodra, I assume ya know Krow?" Krow took that as his cue to fly down to Sammy's right, startling a couple of the pokemon with his landing. He already knew the Goodra saw him, as she had put herself between him and the others. Discreet to most, but you pick up on a few things in the mafia. "Remember, Boss is with her son. Don't worry, Sammy will give you a tour. After that, you can meet her. I will go say hello to our other guests and see what they are here for as well." With that, he took flight in the direction of the duo.

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