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Single post in My Hero Academia: Wider World [Setup][15+]

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Kokoro Kobayashi

Character Name Kokoro Kobayashi Sex Female Gender Female Sexuality Pan Quirk Name Monkey Quirk Description Monkey gives Kokoro monkey related physical abilities and features. Kokoro’s tail functions as an extra arm and can be used to grab items and enemies. Her tail can also be used to climb and suspend from high places such as trees and buildings. Some of the other advantages that Monkey has is that Kokoro has good balance and enhanced hearing and smell. Quirk Downsides Kokoro’s tail can easily be grabbed by the users opponents. She wouldn’t be able to climb if she doesn’t have anything to grip or hold onto. Monkey is useless for long ranged attacks and combat. She’s extremely sensitive to strong smells and loud noises which causes her to get headaches. Appearance (The art belongs to Shiyun) PersonalityKokoro is a ray of sunshine who just wants to make others happy. Her energetic, positive, can-do personality does get a little out of control at times, she does mean well. Kokoro loves causing mischief and pulling pranks on the people around her. Sometimes she even skips classes just to explore the city. Her study habits are not the best and she leaves things to the very last minute. However, if Kokoro comes face to face with a villain, she'll become reckless and lets her own anger take over her due to certain events that had happened in her past. Despite seeming happy all the time, she does get sad. Kokoro blames herself for the death of her best friend because she wasn't able to protect them from a villain. This often causes her to get nightmares or panic attacks. Backstory Kokoro was born in a small rural village in Japan to lower classed parents. Growing up she couldn't attend school because of how expensive it was to travel to the city. She was homeschooled by her mother. Not having a television or any other electronics for entertainment, she practiced martial arts and went fishing at the local lake. When Kokoro turned thirteen, her father received a letter from Machi, his childhood friend, that she would gladly let Kokoro live with her in Tokyo so she could finally receive a proper education. The Kobayashi family agreed that it would be for the best. In middle school, Kokoro protected a girl in her class named Seiko Takashita from a group of bullies. The two girls became best friends and both wanted to become the world's greatest heroes. They were even planning on taking the U. A entrance exam together. However, that dream soon came to a close... one-day multiple villains attacked their school and one of them severely injured Seiko. Unfortunately, she died due to complications. Kokoro promised her friend that she'll find the villain that did this and she would become a strong hero for the sake of both of them. Kokoro passed the U.A entrance exams with flying colors and got sorted into Class 1-A. Now enrolled, she will stop at nothing to put a stop to every villain that she encounters. First language Japanese Any other languages None Favorite Thing(s) Candy Fear(s) Losing someone that’s precious to her again. Affiliation(s) U.A student, Class 1-A Discord ID, unless you don't want the invite or have a Discord to begin with (I can't post the invite here because PFQ Rules) Mikan #7426 Other? Kokoro has several hobbies which includes dancing, singing, mountain climbing, and fishing. She’s also a collector of plushies and enamel pins. Due to her upbringing she has no clue on how electronics works. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at zoos and children’s hospitals. She is a target for bullying because of her height ( stands at 4’7”) and quirk. If anyone confronts her about it, she says it was just playful teasing. Kokoro will write letters to Seiko once a week and reads them out loud in front of her grave. Even though she tries to keep on an happy face reading them, she sometimes breaks down into tears. She honestly hates herself for not being stronger for her friend.

Ayame Akiyama

Character Name Ayame Akiyama Sex Female Gender Female Sexuality Bi Quirk Name Puppet Control Quirk Description When Ayame touches another person, they gain complete control over their bodies. She can then manipulate said person through various hand movements and gestures, including forced use of their victim’s quirk. Quirk Downsides Ayame must remain near the victim in order to maintain that control. If she breaks concentration, her hold on her victim is completely broken. Appearance (The art belongs to M874) Personality Quiet and reserved, Ayame is a mysterious girl with many secrets that she refuses to slip out. She only speaks when spoken to and replies with vague responses. The people around her often call her creepy because of her appearance and how unapproachable she is because of her emotionless expression. However in her childhood Ayame acted like a completely different person. She was cheerful and kind until a certain event changed that. Backstory Growing up Ayame was a cheerful, energetic, kind, girl who loved her family dearly. One thing that she loved the most apart from her parents and siblings were heroes. She collected hero merchandise like training cards, figures, photographs, and even autographs from her most favorite heroes. Unfortunely, her strong love for heroes soon perished after an unforunate event occured in her life. When she was thirteen years old she was walking home from school after club activites only to see her house engulfed in flames with her family trapped inside. Ayame couldn’t do anything but wait until someone showed up to help them. No one helped...her neighbors didn’t even make any effort to help...and her beloved heroes arrived late to save her family. She knew that she could never smile or be happy again. Ayame decided the best course of action was to join The League of Villains. Defeating and making heroes suffer was the only way that she could find peace. Two years later she enrolled into U.A as an spy for the League. First language Japanese Any other languages None Favorite Thing(s) Strawberries Fear(s) Fire Affiliation(s) U.A student, Class 1-B, The League of Villains. Discord ID, unless you don't want the invite or have a Discord to begin with (I can't post the invite here because PFQ Rules) Mikan #7426 Other? Ayame injured her eye when she was on a mission for the League. She goes by Puppet Master as her villain name.
I hope these profiles are okay. Please let me know if I need to fix anything!
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