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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
After an old retired champion died, she left her daycare, on the outskirts of Celestic town, to the hands of her Pokemon, who now use it to watch over other pokemon in Sinnoh who need a place to stay. We welcome all to the Foundation Daycare! RP Link Other RP Signup I would like to drop off a Pokemon! Username: Pokemon Species: , (gender) Pokemon Name: Sexuality: Appearance: Age: (years), (baby/teen/adult etc.) Other: Moveset (Optional):

Rules and Guidelines

1. Swearing IS allowed, but no 18+ things. You WILL be banned. 2. Up to three pokemon can be dropped off (four if you request for one of them to be a caretaker, but selection will be strict for that and may be turned down. Don't let this discourage you, try!) 3. In regards to the last rule, minor OCs are allowed. Like boyfriends, parents, etc. that don't actually affect the daycare. Maybe just phone calls or occasionally stopping by, but nothing too big. 4. No legendaries. Mythicals are fine. 5. If you find any errors, please tell me. This is my first time doing this and I want to improve in any way!

Current Pokemon



Username: Skylarin Pokemon Species: Hypno, female Pokemon Name: Animus, demisex Appearance: Tall Hypno with blue eyes and a knife strapped to her waist. Age: 27 (young adult) Other: Runs the Foundation Daycare. Is afraid of Bugs and bug types. Knows sign language and Latin. Loves shitty puns. Has two brothers and sons. Changes between being hyper and lazy constantly. She's like that cool aunt you either have or wish you had. Moveset: Ice punch, Wake up Slap, Hypnosis, Psychic.


Username: Skylarin Pokemon Species: Honchkrow, male Pokemon Name: Krow, straight Appearance: Average-sized honchkrow, but has longer white marks under his eyes. Knows 4 PokeMafia bosses, all of whom owe him favors. Age: 39 (adult) Other: Helps run the Foundation Daycare. Is fine with not being in charge. Understands sign language. Moveset: Steel Wing, Pluck, Foul Play, Night Slash.


Username: Skylarin Pokemon Species: Banette, male Pokemon Name: Sammy, gay (in relationship) Appearance: Darkly colored Banette with a pale zipper. Age: 56 (young adult) Other: He lived... somewhere, and showed up one day saying that he would be living at the daycare with nothing but a banjo and anger issues. He wasn't doing anything bad aside from snarky comments, so he just... stays there and helps sometimes. He is always listening to music, can play any instrument, and tends to smoke. Is learning sign language. Suspiciously good at burning and burying things.


Pokemon Species: Gallade, male Pokemon Name: Gallant, Bi Appearance: Normal Gallade, but wears a silver Arceus ring necklace. Age: 17, teen Other: Animus' first, biological son. Travels a lot, and loves his family. Has a Gothita friend in Kalos, where he goes often. Knows Kalosinian/French, Latin, and sign language. Moveset (Optional): Draining Kiss Psycho Cut Leaf Blade Teleport


Say hello to Kris! Pokemon Species: Zangoose/Seviper fusion, (male) Pokemon Name: Kris, (N/A) Appearance: Age: Literally just born, b a b y Other: Nope. Moveset (Optional): Iron Tail Swagger Scratch Leer


Username: SnivyQueen15 Pokemon Species: Sudowoodo, male. Pokemon Name: Dyronyx, straight. Appearance: A Sudowoodo with an Altaria-like scarf around his branches- like an evergreen tree covered in snow! Age: 62, elderly. Other: He's practically Lily's parent since he found her egg, or whatever. Moveset (Optional): Mimic, Fake Tears, Rock Throw, Slam.


Username: Levi Pokemon Species: Zoroark , Male Pokemon Name: Verus, gay Appearance: Age: ?, ? Moveset (Optional): Age: ?, ?


Username: SerenaandPeach Pokemon Species: Goodra , female Pokemon Name: Peaches , Demi Appearance: A Shiny Goodra who carries a baby carrier on her back. Other than that, she has a sliver locket that's shaped like a heart, a gift from her mother . Age: 35 , Adult Other: Peaches has trust issues when it comes to others. Unless she knows they won't try anything, she barely trusts anyone, besides Lucas. Moveset (Optional): Dragon Pulse Rain Dance Draco Meteor Sludge Bomb



Username: Skylarin Pokemon Species: Joltik, male Pokemon Name: Plug, N/A Appearance: Normal Joltik, but with purple eyes and claws. Age: 4 (child) Other: On the way back from shopping, Animus found an egg, which she brought home. Plug now lives at the daycare with his adopted mother. Understands sign language. Can't read. Misses his big bro when he's away. Moveset: Thunderbolt, Spider Web, Rock Climb


Pokemon Species: Kelolu (Riolu+Keldeo) Male Pokemon Name: Reo, Straight (Not interested) Appearance: Adding soon, mostly done Age: 15, teen Moveset (Optional): Me first Secret sword Aura Sphere Hydro pump


Username: CrystalXGlaceon Pokemon Species: Absol, Male Pokemon Name: Karma, Gay Appearance: A Absol with green eyes wearing a Focus Sash Age: 18, teen Other: Karma is very grumpy and prefers to be alone, but deep down he is very shy. He will open up to someone once he gets to know them. Moveset (Optional): Detect, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Swords Dance


Username: CrystalXGlaceon Pokemon Species: Noivern, Male Pokemon Name: Alex, Bisexual Appearance: A shiny Noivern with headphones Age: 18, Teen Other: He lives with Karma, Alex is always looking at the bright side of things, he loves listening to music. Moveset (Optional): Boomburst, Fly, Acrobatics, Dragon Pulse


Username: SnivyQueen15 Pokemon Species: Snivy, female. Pokemon Name: Lily, straight. Appearance: Just a Snivy. Simple as! Age: 6, young child. Other: Damn this girl is meek! That's just another word for shy. She's almost always sleeping. Moveset (Optional): Absorb, Tackle, Fake Tears (learnt it from Dyronyx.)


Username: SnivyQueen15 Pokemon Species: Sylveon, female. Pokemon Name: Misty, straight. Appearance: A Sylveon with a shiny Espeon's coloration and also has a 3DS that "her old owner gave her". The things she does with it are unknown. Age: 13, teenager. Other: The reason there's a Sylveon in Sinnoh is her Kalosian trainer was on vacation and left her here. Moveset (Optional): Misty Terrian, Fairy Wind, Tackle, Growl.


Username: SnivyQueen15 Pokemon Species: Goodra , Female Pokemon Name: Suki, straight. Appearance: A shiny Goodra with a peach pink bow and scarf. She also dons black headphones. Age: 15, teen. Other: If anything, she listens to music 24/7. Moveset (Optional): Rain Dance, Power Whip, Dragon Tail, Bide.


Username: Levi Pokemon Species :Sobble/Keldeo, Male Pokemon Name: Sobby, straight Appearance: Resolute Age: ???, ??? Moveset (Optional): Secret Sword Bubble beam


Username: SerenaandPeach Pokemon Species: Riolu , Male Pokemon Name: Lucas , Straight Appearance: A melan Riolu that's wearing a Choice Band on his head and a navy blue hoodie. Age: 11 , Child Other: Lucas was taken in by Peaches at a young age. He trusts her the most, and stays around in her sight. Moveset (Optional): Power-Up Punch Counter Protect Agility


Username: Mijumarulover1 Pokémon Species: Mewtwo, male Pokémon Name: Mirage, asexual Appearance: Mirage looks a lot like a normal Mewtwo, but he has a speaker on his stomach Age: 12, teen Other: Mirage wears a purple bandana as a little scarf. Also, he's around 5.4 or 5.5 inches. Moveset (Optional): Roar Flash (a flash of light) Psychic Aura Sphere


I would like to drop off a Pokemon! Username: Pufferface Pokemon Species: Dragonair Rapidash fusion (with a splash of mew DNA), female Pokemon Name: Sapphire, pansexual, but generally prefers those that identify as male Appearance: Age: 18, teen Other: created in a lab, mew DNA was used to make the opposing types fuse together, only manifests itself in magnifying the ability to use small amounts of psychic energy to move/use things like pencils (more for ease of plot line than anything else) Moveset (Optional): Flamethrower Dragon Pulse Stomp Agility


Username: toffeebean Hoopa/Darkrai, Gender Unknown, but identifies as Female Trix, Pansexual Appearance: 17, Teen Other: She is very sneaky, and likes to creep up behind others and steal their belongings. However, once you get to know her, she's actually pretty kind. Moveset (Optional): Move 1: Hyperspace Fury Move 2: Destiny Bond Move 3: Hypnosis Move 4: Dream Eater

Wendy & Peyton

Username: Geminial Pokémon: Whimsicott, Lilligant (both female) Names: Wendy (pansexual), Peyton (homosexual) Appearance: Very small Whimsicott with thinner-than-usual fluff, average-sized Lilligant but with a smaller-than-usual flower Ages: 14 (teen), 14 (teen) Other: They were hatched together, raised together, and are inseperable Movesets: TBD


Username: Rainquail Species: Arcanine Gender: Female Name: Sköll [pronounced sc-al, like scald without the d] Orientation: Lesbian, interested but not actively looking Appearance: Sköll is muscular with a heavy set frame and has a dark pelt. Her fur is thick and long, some parts are unable to grow back due to scarring, mostly on her muzzle, haunches, and tail. Her ears are tattered. Age: Exact age is not known, she seems to be close to middle aged for her species, but looks a good bit older due to past stress. Other: She was bred and raised as a fighter however suffered abuse during her training as a pup. She was placed in the care of a rehabilitation centre after maiming multiple trainers. Although she is far calmer now and refrains from being too rough while play fighting, she still has issues with sudden sounds and sudden fast movements. She likes having her fur brushed and groomed by friends. Spends her time caring for berry plants and smaller Pokémon. Regularly adopts young Pokémon. Vegetarian by choice.


Username:Rainquail Species: Sylveon Gender: Male Name: Gyjes [pronounced gid-jes] Orientation: Bisexual Appearance: Short and chunky with very bright and vibrant colours. Eyes are an unusual brown colour. Age: Young adult Other: His trainer raised him from an egg in the hope of evolving an Umbreon. When he evolved into a Sylveon, Gyjes was met with anger and was later abandoned.

Snox Boops

Username: Rainquail Species: Spinda Gender: Female Name: Snox Boops Orientation: Straight Appearance: Brown with tan around one eye, on her tail, and a heart shape on her left paw Age: late teens Other: Loves to be around other Pokémon Plays pranks but rarely pulls them off due to her lack of dexterity.


Username: Moonshine-shadow123 Pokemon Species: Shaymin (sky forme), (female) Pokemon Name: Sam Appearance: Shiny sky forme Age: (13), (teen) Other: Blind in left eye Moveset (Optional): Protect, Toxic, Seed Flare, Swift


Username: Prodexci Pokemon Species: Zorua, male Pokemon Name: Kane Sexuality: Pansexual, no preference Appearance: Shy, and timid. Usually likes slinking around in a corner, and dreads social interaction. Can usually be seen wearing a dark grey bandana, he switches the color out for something darker every once in a while. Age: Teen, 14 years old Other: N/A Moveset (Optional): Unknown, doesn't battle much.


Username: Painted94 Pokemon Species: charmander (albino), Male Pokemon Name: Vio Sexuality: unsure Appearance: Look to pic below, for written out he is a lavender colored lizard with a pale underbelly. his eyes beaming ruby red and his flame for the tail large with blue and violet sparks with immense heat coming from them. he has a hard time handling his tail flame for this reason. Age: 15, Teen Other: He is brave, it's litterally his personality. So if he feels like he can help, he will try even if he cannot. Please keep an eye on him he tends to catch things on fire without noticing and is prone to exploring where he ought not too. Moveset (Optional): Ember Dragon rush Metal Claw Smokescreen


species:riolith (riolu and growlith), male name:riker sexuality: N/A appearance: riolu with fire patterns and a fur around the neck (pretty basic) 3, baby other: isn't very adventurous blames himself for everything even things he couldn't control moveset optional : ember, double kick and tackle

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