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I know I’m not a real veteran yet but since I’ve been here for almost 2 years, here’s my piece on the questions! Back when you were a newbie, what were the questions you had that you felt you had a hard time getting answers to? As a new player, the top two things that confused me were Pokerus and getting to know the forums. -For Pokerus, I had no clue how to get it, and once I figured out, I wasn’t really sure how it looked when you got it. Maybe only one Pokemon got Pokerus or you choose? It took me some time as well to understand what it meant by click the host but after a year, no I’m not kidding, of trying I finally got it and it made sense, but that just might be me -Forums. Where do I start? At first, I was overwhelmed by how many forums and sub forums there were, and I didn’t know where to start. Then understanding the abbreviations that were in trade forums confused me. UFT I knew but when it came to UFDT, H, W, LF, etc, I had to honestly dig into the threads and finally learned what it said, which don’t get me wrong, It’s good to learn, but would have been more convenient if I could have, or knew somebody to ask. Cause you know, I have great social skills, not What pointers do you wish you had been given? Like I said before, how to navigate forums and forum language but I wish I’d had been introduced to the original mentor page so I could get some help and be introduced to the game. It would have been helpful to know how to get zc without buying it, like selling items, and how you can get credits through interactions. Not proud of this, but it took me a year to figure out that in the Pokédex page, that if you click on a region, all your progress appears of which Pokémon you do and don’t have. What resources did you find it the hardest to locate? The hardest I think were the site skin maker, image uploaded and site stats. I first found the image uploaded while looking at peoples profile pictures and wondering how they did that and after finding it out was amazed I can upload my art to use. The Site skins I found out by luck and then immediately played with it, since I didn’t know that you can change the site from green to anything! The site stats I just found a few months ago while looking for site skins and it blew me away that I didn’t know about it till then. What traits do you think a good mentor should have? Here are a few I believe a good mentor should have, -Patience If a mentor doesn’t have patience, then how can they help? Teaching takes time and not everyone gets it on their first shot. If you leave someone behind, what’s the chance they’ll have a positive view on the community of the site. So far, they’ll only have you to base the community on, so if you cannot be patient for them, then I believe your not fit to be a mentor. -Engaged A good mentor should be engaged with the person they’re helping and if they aren’t active, then how will the player know a reliable source to ask questions? Mentors should also know when to pm the player, for example, it’s been two days so you pm the player, “Hey, since you’ve been able to settle for a while, are you a competitive battler or maybe a role player or an artist? We have forums for each of those if your interested!” I believe that would make them feel welcomed and part of pokefarm. -Basic Knowledge I believe a mentor should know their way around forums and if a player asks, “Hey! Where can I sell my [insert random item]?” The mentor should be able to respond with, “Your able to sell [insert item from above] at the market where other players buy it or in the trade forums by checking out the forums for someone who’s buying it or making a forum and you can sell it.” -Being Friendly Pretty basic thought. If they’re nice to you, the. Be nice back! To be friendly, you don’t need social skills! Cause who needs those, lol You just need to send a positive message towards the user! What interests you most in having an official Mentor program? What interests me is how will users be chosen as mentors and how will new users find this program? I’m guessing that selected users will get messaged by mods and told who to mentor, which I assume is how it will work. But how will new users find the program? When you first sign up for this game, the first thing you don’t really think about is, I wonder if they have a mentor program here? It’s probably, how do I hatch my egg or get an egg? After getting past these parts, you might explore forums for a while, but there really is no guarantee that you’ll find the mentor forum. So will the forum be added to the tutorial maybe just in the lab when you getting your whole team of eggs, it will say, “If you need some help from other players, come here!” Or maybe a thing in your bar at top maybe next to news, that’ll say, “Mentor”. What concerns do you have in regards to there being an official Mentor program? As I said above, how will newbies learn about it and what will the requirements be? I know that you’ll need to be patient and willing to teach, also that you’ll need background knowledge, but will you have to be a certain year in the game like 2014 to 2017/2018 or will you take a test on your background knowledge? I think these are my only regards at the moment. Can you think of anything else that would be helpful to consider? I think it would be helpful to consider how active the mentor is and how to handle if a newbie goes inactive. Maybe try to have a certain mentor, for example me, fill out a question like, what times are you usually on? So that the mentor can try to be online at the same time with the newbie. That was my piece on the matter, and I hope it helps!
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