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Bulliten Board Missions Available: Client: Caterpie Location: Mystery Woods Request: I'm lost! Please help me! Reward: 3 Sitrus Berries Client:Sneasel Location: Echo Canyon Request: Urgh, they... they were too strong! Help! Reward: 500pk Client: Ursaring Location: See Me at the guild Request: I look away for one second and he's gone! Help me find my baby! Reward: 2000pk + ??? Client: ??? Location: Mystery Woods Request: hee hee, I'm bored and want to play! think you can find me? I wont be easy on you! Reward: ??? Client: Furret Location: Sunset Beach Request: I don't believe I lost my item... I need help finding it! Reward: 100pk
Have a request you need filled? send a letter to either myself(Braxien) or Sceptile! Client: Location: Request: Reward:

Completed Missions

None :( What're you waiting for?! Go out there and help out every-- *ahem* Sorry about Braxien here... I'll try to keep her calmer in future... Until then she'll stay tied up here.
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