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<Coffee; Forest> The smol crab Pokémon sighed as she finished fluffing the moss beds. There was nothing left to do, and yet she was still in a busy mood and couldn’t get out of it! Well.. I’m sure no one would notice for a bit...! Coffee smiled slightly (in her own weird, buggy way) as she snuck out of the cave, her little claws clicking occasionally. She had nowhere she wanted to be in particular, and even though she could easily get eaten or snatched up by a bird Pokémon because she’s only EIGHT FREAKING INCHES BIG, she still liked to sneak out sometimes! <Cocoa; Forest> The tired Mudbray laid down in a small hollow just big enough to hold her, the low branches of a large shrub hiding her. The bush grew small sweet red berries, and there was a rather big pond nearby. It was the perfect spot to hide out when Cocoa was tired or emotionally exhausted after a long day. She closed her eyes, slowly drifting into a calm, delicate sleep.
hewwo! im new here! my avatar is an offical sprite of slowpoke from pokemon silver!! so are the cute runners in my signature! if you wouldn’t mind, please visit my art store. <3 the art there, unless otherwise stated is also official art!
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