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Raichi's AvatarRaichi
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Scarlet “It’s great to be back!” Scarlet said as she walked next to Francine in Raikou City. Raikou City was the city farthest to the North of the Region. It had huge mountains surrounding the city to protect it from other Pokemon. “It’s definitely a little different.” Francine commented and she walked on 4 legs next to Scarlet. “Oh course it’s different! No humans rule!” She yelled as a Staraptor flew up to them. “Ma’m you can’t mention humans in the city. It’s against the law.” It chirped and Scarlet sighed. “Okay.” She muttered and the bird flew off Satisfied. “Who made these dumb laws anyway.” She grumbled as she walked with Francine to the fountain. “Since you made this world, technically you did.” Francine commented and Scarlet shut up.
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