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Single post in Trio Art Emporium!

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BumbleJuice's AvatarBumbleJuice
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Welcome! I am Closed/Underconstruction


  • Please follow the PFQ rules!
  • Please Credit all work that you recive from me.
  • I have right to accept or deny any order
  • Do Not post any of my work without my permission.
  • Please send 50% of payment once I accept your request. I will only start after payment is received. Send the other half once the order is finished and I will send you the unmarked version via pm.
  • I am in college so I can get pretty busy. Do not expect you request to be filled instantly
  • Please make sure you subbscribe to this thread. All info about your request will be posted here unless stated otherwise. I will not hunt you down.
  • Password is your Favorite
  • If you wish to see more examples please follow my Sketchbook

Order Form

[b]Hey Bumble! Draw me something![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Password:[/b] [b]Art Type:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Reference[/b](In hidebox): [b]Info:[/b] Describe what you would like!
Name Payment
Name Payment
Name Payment


Ratio: 5k/5/1

Alternitive payment

Sometimes i'll be collecting items for a future hunt. It isnt gaurenteed that I will have alternative payment options at any given time. You will still be required to pay 40% of the orginal total. If it is a melan you are required to pay the rest in curency. You may not pay for the whole order with a melan. Im currently collecting: PR Memory Stick= 300zc Sapphire Orb= 60zc Melans = dp price **I am very picky when it comes to this. More often then not I will not accept this form of payment**
Sketch 200/1000/1mil _____________________________________ Rough Color 300/1500/1.5mil _____________________________________ Custom Pokefusion/Pokemon 800-1000/4000-5000/4mil-5mil *Price depends on the complexity of the character. Will also include a free icon made from the piece* _____________________________________ Bust 800-1100/4000-5500/4mil-5.5mil *Price depends on the complexity of the character* _____________________________________ Full body 1000-1500/5000-7500 *Price depends on the complexity of the character. Will also include a free icon made from the piece*


Just a simple yet deatailed sketch of your choice!

Rough color

A simple colored version of a rough sketch

Custom Pokefusion/Pokemon

Pick some pokemon and I will design a new fusion of them!


Bust of you character!

Full body

Full body of you character

Finsihed Orders!


whew that was a lot. still more to do like my awful banner lol
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Collecting × 23 / 500 for 60 ZC each
Avatar done by me. PM me if you want to bribe me to draw. Art Shop!
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