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"You bet! Hope we get to the gym soon.", Kylie proudly said so she could put a stereotype in action; if you THINK something won't take long then the journey goes faster. She thought it might ease Flurry and stop her from going major Arceus
My way of saying super satan. And it means just using flamethrower for ages, sometimes on her in pure rage. Not much can stop her from doing so.
on her. If the idea worked, however, was all depending on how long it would really take. Despite this, she was hopeful that she'd at least be respectful on the ride; yes, she has a reckless personality, but made it up by sticking to most rules that were given to her. But Kylie kept thinking about the Sandshrew, could she catch it with little to no experience battling? Only time would tell.
Silky is my character. Don't try stealing her! I'm SnivyQueen15, a RP junkie! I can give great tips on making them! Here’s a hot new RP!
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