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Sarah had watched the pokeball closely and was surprised to see the Gligar got caught. "I think 'nice' might be an understatement here." Sarah said. "I think that might be a plausible explanation. It was still not fully awake. But you got it, that is all that matters. Now you can participate in the contest." Sarah turned and walked back out of the cave when Reve got back to her. She looked over her shoulder at Reve. "Did you think of moves you wanted to use?" She asked him while walking back to the entrance. Beedrill flew closer and placed himself between Thorn and the Spinarak that fired strinshot. Beedrill thought it a good idea to draw the attention to him and not the pokemon cutting the scientist loose so he started to fury attack the spinarak that had shot the string shot. Gabe grinned excitedly. "All ready sir!" Gabe admired the firey manes but as glad they didn't have to actually ride them. Maybe one day he would find a ponyta of his own. He looked wether Noemi and Kylie had made themselves comfortable. "Can't wait." He said to the girls. "How about you?"
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