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Chapter 9
They had been out looking for a way to make it to and defeat leaders Scrafty, Swoobat, and Jolteon for 5 weeks with no avail. Sometimes, they wondered if it was a good idea for them to have head out in the first place...
But their hope was restored as Magikarp excitedly exclaimed, "Look! There's a some sort of cave, maybe one of them are in there!"
The craft was set to hover as the trio slipped out, carefully making it to the enterance, Mightyena and Minun bringing their Gems along, just in case. They look into the enterance and spot two guards, an Aipom on the right, a Goomy on the left. "How do we distract them so we can get in?" Magikarp whispered. Minun said softly, "I know..." and took a small rock from off the ground, throwing it. Both guards perked up, and moved to look for who threw it. "How did that work??" Mightyena questioned, but no answer came, so she just had to go with it. They rushed in before Goomy and Aipom turned around.
They wandered for a long while, seeing mostly empty cages, occasionally one had a pile of bedding in a corner. Minun wondered to himself if this was a good idea...
Until he heard quiet crying from another room.

Open to read!


Hi! I'm Screams, and my profile's mascot is the Archeops, since they're a tad wacky, kinda like what I'm trying to do with my profile!Don't be afraid to pm me, I don't bite!


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