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Welcome! Welcome to Fairy’s Experimental Art Shop. What do I offer here? Well, I’m here to offer some custom Pokémon for people, as well as seasonal avatars. But first, let me tell you the rules...

Shop Rules

1. Pokefarm rules apply. 2. Don’t claim any artwork as your own. 2.2. When you post it, please credit me (FlarinaFairy). 3. Half payment upfront is required. The other half is due upon completion. 4. No refunds, unless I can’t finish your art. 5. If you would like to sell or gift the art to someone else, message me first to let me know who you’re selling it to. 6. Use the forms. 7. Any questions, you can ask either on the thread or in pm. :3 And if anyone by chance wants to order something as a surprise gift (or similar), feel free to pm me a form. ^.^

Shop Banners

These are to advertise my shop ^.^ Made by me.







Seasonal Artwork None at the moment

Past Seasonal Artwork

October 2019

Limited time only: Halloween Avatars!
My avatar
StarlaSketch’s avatar
Jalakins' Avatar
Price: 200 zc/1000 gp/1 million credits Extra character: +100 zc/500 gp/500k credits Send a picture of the subject, and a 1-word theme, and I will spookify them. It can be anything Halloween-related- pumpkins, witches, ghosts (I will actually make your char a ghost), spiders, etc. If you want an avatar themed like mine (which is a mix of a few themes), you can just put “default”.

Completed Orders



Custom Rules

1. Do not share the secret questions with anyone. 2. Use the form, shown below. 3. Have fun with this. :3 You can order only 1 custom at a time, but you may order again and again afterwards.


On average, these quality customs take me anywhere from 4-8 hours to complete. Some longer. Paypal orders always get a slot, even when I am full. ^-^ Regular fullbody Custom: Receive a fully fleshed out pokemon description to go along with it! 1500 zc/7500 gp/7.5 million credits/$15 USD Sketchy Custom: This is where the outline is sketchy 550 zc/3000 gp/3 million credits/$6 USD

Finished orders!


Miss Nona




Sketchy Customs


Examples of my art

This isn’t what you’ll be getting from this thread, just showing my art style. But if you see something here that’s more what you want to have, feel free to pm me about more personal orders. ^-^


Are you sure?

Belongs to crownedkitty25

How It Works

Firstly, comment on the thread that you would like a custom, and I will send you a pm if you posted in time to claim a slot. From there, I will ask you to send me half the payment upfront. That is where the fun can begin. I will send you a series of questions for you to answer, and you must answer them to the best of your ability. You CANNOT share these questions with anyone else, this spoils some of the mystery and fun. I will use those answers in crafting you a custom made Pokémon. I will then post it on the thread. From there, you can: -Name your custom (and gender it) -Give it a backstory -Take it home! Post it in your journal, on other sites, take it wherever you please. ^w^


Custom: [i]Flarina! I challenge you, make me a custom![/i] [u]Name:[/u] [u]Preferred payment:[/u] [u]Other:[/u] Sketch: [i]Flarina! I challenge you, make me a [color=gray]SKETCHY[/color] custom![/i] [u]Name:[/u] [u]Preferred payment:[/u] [u]Other:[/u]


1. SassyWeewolf (half paid) 2. 3.
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