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Matamoja's AvatarMatamoja
Matamoja's Avatar

Welcome to my little forest oasis~

Here I will be selling mostly grass types, but there will be a variety of other things available as well, like boxes, and breeding pairs. Maybe even the occasional Melan auction~

Set price melans!

Since these melans didn't get any bids in their auctions, I'm selling them for their delta prices. None at the moment~

Shinies and albinos from hunts

Hover over the minisprites to see prices. Check my fields if you want a specific nature or gender. ----------------------

Other pokemon for sale

Somehow I end up with special pokemon other than the one I am hunting. Those pokemon sell for DP prices or less and are in my first few fields. The prices are listed in the names.

99% Breeding Pairs

All the 99% pairs in my 'breeding pairs' fields are for sale for 30gp per pair. The exclusives and variants go for 40gp. Also, feel free to ask for a pair I don't have, I might be able to put one together. Full list of pairs here~

Tournament Tokens

Selling for market prices, give an offer and I'll probably accept tbh. Tournament Token (Iolite): 3 Tournament Token (Agate): 24

Delta Points

I am selling delta points for 2zc or equivalent per point. Just post how many points you need and I'll send over the first as a trade to get payment and the rest as gifts.


I am selling medium gems for 15gp a piece and large gems for 150gp a piece, double the price for steel and dragon. Other currencies are accepted.
Small Medium Large
Normal 3 645 0
Fire 10 414 0
Water 9 169 11
Grass 1 286 87
Electric 1 71 0
Ice 10 33 0
Fighting 7 23 0
Poison 7 71 0
Ground 7 33 0
Flying 6 61 0
Psychic 7 40 0
Bug 8 89 0
Rock 3 13 0
Ghost 5 481 0
Dark 4 29 0
Steel 0 19 0
Dragon 2 231 0
Fairy 1 100 0


I have pretty good luck when it comes to scour missions, so I will be selling boxes. Current stock: 1 35k credits or equivalent per box.

H: pokefarm currency LF: Paypal

What the display title says, since I literally can't make things any clearer. Ratio: 1 USD : 1 EUR : 100 : 500 : 500,000 UFT: 0 877 1,930,252 Please, do not offer under 10 USD/equiv. I will send you my PayPal info(e-mail) in a PM.

H: Chicken Smoothie money LF: Pokefarm currency

What the display title says~ I have C$ 6199 and I'm looking to trade it for ZC, GP, or credits. Or a mix. It doesn't have to be the entire amount ^^ 1C$ = 2ZC:10gp:10k credits My username on CS is the same as here.
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