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"Hello & welcome to my little art shop! Please, just stay a little while and look around. I'm really happy about your visit :D Oh yeah, I should probably tell you something about me, so you know who you're talking to: I'm a digital artist from Germany, who has been drawing all their life. I got serious with art about 8 years back and started drawing digitally 5 years ago. I use FireAlpaca & a Wacom Intuos Tablet for my work. Sometimes I experiment with MS Paint, but it's more for fun & I won't consider offering those art pieces I created with this art program for payment. As you'll see, under certain circumstances I offer free artwork, but keep in mind that for most of my art you have to pay me. You will see artwork for other users, but don't use them without their permission. I will explain this more in detail, as you continue reading. So you think about getting an art piece or two? I'm glad to hear that, however, I have some rules for my shop. Don't worry, I won't expect something unfair from you, on the contrary. These rules are there to maintain fairness. If you purchase anything from my shop you're automatically agreeing to said rules. So now, following rules are..." 1. PFQ rules applied! This should be clear, but I want to say that here, just in case. 2. I'm a human being. I don't have time to work on your commission 24/7. I have school, exams and I will be graduating soon. I can get sick from time to time or I'm struggling with my mental health. I want to spent time with my loved ones, too. Please be considerate & keep that in mind. 3. I highly value politeness, so please be respectful & polite! Something like "please" & "thank you" means a lot to me. 4. If my shop is closed, than it's closed! No commissions in advanced, I'm sorry. 5. No begging for art! Don't try using excuses, commission something from my shop like everyone else! 6. Don't even think about scamming me! Just don't do it, it won't work, trust me. 7. There is no password. I assume everyone of you can read. Trust me, I will see if you've read the rules/if you're a decent person with common sense. 8. Make sure to subscribe to my shop. Just to make it clear, it's not my job to hunt my customers down. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you don't answer to me anymore or missed an important update, because you've forgot to subscribe, than that's fully your fault. 9. I have the full right to decline your order & I will always tell you why. If it's a minor mistake (e.g. not filling out the form completely), you're welcome to order again & correct the mistake. Make sure to either post again or contact me via PM, so I notice. 10. All characters you want me to draw must belong to you. Reasons are because of copyright. I also don't except the order if it's a character from another user and you want to gift that piece to them. I just want to make sure, you and I stay away from legal problems, so I hope you understand. 11. Recolouring, heavy editing etc. is not allowed, however, resizing, cropping is okay with me. 12. Credits must be given. You can credit my dA, Art Fight (PM me for names) or this shop for that. 13. You allowed to use that picture outside of PFQ with proper credit. 14. All your artwork will be uploaded on a password locked side blog on tumblr, which I'm using as an picture dump. Only I have access to said blog & can view it. If you order a piece, you accept that its uploaded there. 15. Rules & prices might change, but I will always make a new post to make sure you know about it.
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