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Hawkfang42's AvatarHawkfang42
Hawkfang42's Avatar
Yello, if it is possible, I would like to join

The Character Sheet

Username: Hawkfang42 Camper's Name: Graham Dillon Gender: Male Age: 11 Appearance:


(Made using Gachaverse)
Personality: He's normally a caring kid but is quite stubborn at times who wants to be great at swordfighting and loves to have fun, he has a fear of failing and hates being told things are impossible. Fatal Flaw: He won't give up even if he knows he cannot possibly succeed Weapon: Twin swords, Θανάσιμο and Αθάνατο, one made of iron and the other made of celestial bronze, the names are literally greek for mortal and immortal. Backstory: He was always interested in the stories about the Greek and one day when he was 8 he started noticing odd things happening, later that day his mother gave him his two swords when a terrible fire started at his home, he never went back. Others?: nothing really.
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