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QUOTE originally posted by Optimus Prime

i could go on forever but you get my point.
Actually no, I really don't. I do get that you have a strong oppinion about GP, but I don't agree to your arguments.

QUOTE originally posted by Optimus Prime

This 'I can do it the hard way so others can do it too' mentality is the enemy of improvement. Just because you had to do it the 'harder' way while the site was still improving doesn't mean others should have to do it the hard way too.
You misunderstood what I was actually trying to say. Most likely because I didn't get my point across well enough. I already said that I prefer how GP accessibility is handled now compared to how it used to be. So I really didn't want to imply that anybody should have to do anything the way we had to do it back then. Instead I wanted to point out that all this talk of "this is unfair for new players" really has to be put into perspective. Is it unfair compared to how easy it was when the 5 day login bonus was higher? Maybe. But it is definitely not unfair compared to way before that. Actually, it feels very patronizing to me to use newer players for the sake of your argument. Newer players can speak for themselves and many of them do. Why do you feel like you have to speak for them? To me that comes across like misusing them for the sake of your argument.

QUOTE originally posted by Optimus Prime

Also the 'I' can make 3k clicks in a day argument is ignorant to people who cannot. I sure as heck I can make 3k clicks in five minutes too but a lot of newer players? Most likely not.
That doesn't even make sense to me at all! Clicking isn't a complicated skill that has to be learned and that can be improved much through training. The only thing that can drastically improve it is learning that you can click with number keyes on your keyboard on one hand and at the same time with the mouse on the other hand. Or even two seperated mouses, as somewone mentioned somewhere. Other than that many older players are actually slower than they were when they started. Because they have learned how much strain it puts on their hands when they overdo the clicking and actively slow themselves down. And because the terrible shiny market keeps getting thrown in; do you know when nobody at all was complaining about the shiny market being broken? That's right! Before the introduction of the 5 day login bonus and contests. When GP was much rarer than it is now. We even had a market for Variants/Exclusives back then. I can't even imagine something like that existing on PFQ any more. Keeping that in mind, what should we do to fix the shiny market? Also, most users don't sell their shinies exclusively for GP. And nobody forces newer players to buy them for GP only. Maybe that's another indicator thet GP alone can't be the only issue with the shiny market. I could go on, but I think it's enough. We have shown that people (myself included) have strong oppinions about GP, opposing each other very much. And we have shown that it's easy to find arguments for both sides and to counter arguments from the opposing side. I can accept that others don't like it the way it is now. That has to be enough for me. At least for today and for this thread. Because I know and accept that I won't change anybody mind here. Does it count as an unpopular oppinion when I say we don't always have to agree? Edit: So many typos... Sorry for the ones I missed.
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