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Single post in The History of the Legends (In-Progress, update soon to come)

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Second meeting
Arceus scanned the room. He felt as if Son Lugia needed a companion or two. Maybe another bird for him to get along with? Light began shining in the room and all the current Legendaries stopped talking to look at their father. Slowly, the light waned and a new Legendary came into being. Arceus greeted the new legendary bird, “Welcome to the world Son Ho-Oh.” Their new sibling was a large bird with primarily orange and red coloring, with some spots of white, yellow and green. Arceus announced, “Son Ho-Oh shall patrol the skies and act as a messenger. He will become Lord of the Skies, much as Son Lugia is Lord of the Seas. When he is ready, he may create his own Vassals to help him with his duties.” All the legendaries nodded in acceptance. Arceus smiled, pleased with his children. He asked, “Tell me, how goes life in your world?” Groudon muttered, “Sister Kyogre refuses to stop expanding the seas.” Daughter Kyogre retorted back, “But that's because you refuse to stop expanding the land!” At that point they began fighting again and Arceus Roared his displeasure. “I hoped not to do this but you have forced my hand!” A flash of light and then a large green serpent was among them. “Ever since you two started fighting I began contemplating creating an elder brother to keep you in check. Meet Rayquaza, he is to mediate your fights from now on.” Arceus eyed the two siblings, “Lord Rayquaza will be more powerful than both of you, and clearly wiser. If you try to fight him you will fail. Have I made myself clear?” Groudon and Kyogre replied begrudgingly, “Yes Father.” He turned to the other Legendaries, awaiting their report. Lord Dialga gave a general shrug, “Time is flowing smoothly. I'd appreciate some helpers though.” Arceus nodded, “My sister Mew and I will work on that.” Dialga shot Arceus a grin at that. Palkia replied, “Lord Regigigas has begun separating the land masses. It is slow work, but progressing. Already there is more room to introduce more species of common Pokémon.” Arceus nodded before turning to Son Lugia. The great white bird looked tired, “Things are going well Father, but with the land expanding along with Groudon and Kyogre’s fights it is becoming harder to stabilize the weather patterns with only four of us.” Arceus frowned at the pronouncement and turned to Daughter Articuno, Son Zapdos, and Daughter Moltres, wanting to see what they had to say. The three nodded in agreement, and chorused together, “It is becoming harder to help Father Lugia with his duties, Father Arceus.” Arceus frowned and replied, “I shall make more of you then in order to split the work up.” Son Lugia gave a tired smile to his father. Mew hummed, “With all of that worked out, Brother Arceus and I will work together to create new species of common Pokémon, Dialga’s helpers, and another set or two of Lugia to help you Son Lugia.” Arceus smiled and declared, “Meeting dismissed!” All the legendaries smiled at him, with the majority returning to their respective homes. Legendaries in Attendance: List of legendaries appeared: Arceus, Mew, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, Kyogre, Regigigas, Ho-Oh, Rayquaza, Celebi, Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres (Ho-Oh is in attendance because he was created at the beginning of the meeting)
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