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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
ACottontail saw Foxat and walked over. "Alright challenge accepted! Send in your first pokemon and show me your team's strength!" ACottontail tossed a pokeball into the air. ACottontail - xx xx xx xx xx xx Foxat - xx xx Round 1 xx VS Round 2 VS xx Round 3 xx VS Round 4 xx VS Round 5 VS xx Round 6 xx VS Round 7 xx VS ACottontail ran back and forth frantically between her two challengers. She saw that Foxat was sweeping her team left and right. With only one pokemon left she barely stood a chance. She decided to send in her one powerful pokemon that wasn't weak to fairy. "Cinder, all I ask, is that you do your best." she said with a small smile. Jihyo🎙 spun around the battle field at lightingn speed sending attacks from what seemed to be every direction. Cinder breathed hot metal in a circle. The ground shook. Jihyo🎙 has a ground gem. Guess the challenger is truly worthy. Cinder drive toward Jihyo🎙with heavy, metal claws but was pushed back by psychic energy. Cinder fainted. Jihyo🎙 stood victorious. Round 8 xx VS ACottontail was surprized at Foxat's strength. She was only able to down two of their pokemon. "Wow, you are one powerful trainer. Congratulations Foxat. You bested me and my pokemon. For your amazing battling skill I present to you the dream badge." ACottontail handed Foxat a badge in two different sizes.

Standard gym size

[tip=This badge was won by Foxat for their amazing battling skills at the dream gym https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/4569450][img]https://u.cubeupload.com/ACottontail/BadgeStandard.png[/img][/tip]

HD size

[tip=This badge was won by Foxat for their amazing battling skills at the dream gym https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/4569450][img]https://u.cubeupload.com/ACottontail/BadgeHD.png[/img][/tip]
"Thank you for battling me. I will now record you and your amazing pokemon in the fall of fame. Good luck in whatever you do next." ACottontail went over to the fall of fame and started to record your victory.
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