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These are hilarius! I've got one as well!

One of mine

Necrozma! What did I tell you about ruining Alolan adults' lives with your Ultra Aura! Ehhh, I dunno. Somethin' about not waking up again or something. That's it! I'm gonna revert you into your sleeping form, again! Nevah! I'm gonna absorb you! A few minutes later... We've got to rescue Solgaleo! Yeah! We've got to rescue Soggy-leo! And I'm gonna make you Type: Null, again. NOOOOOO!!! I'm never going to wear that stupid mask again! Now I know how to make you follow my orders. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


: Oui, Necro! : What is it this time? : Why don't you give me that Blinding One title? I'm literally the sun Pokemon, so I should have the title! : Are you crazy?! Of course not! That's my true form title! Later... and: @#%*!@#$ : Calm down! : Go away, Dim One! : The moon gives light too!!! ,, and: @#%*!@# : *Slaps head* Meanwhile.. : This is the time to take over Alola! Tee hee!


: And then what happened? : AND I BEAT HIM UP! I BEAT UP NECRO! : Lies, Cosmog, lies... your father got beat up by muah! And your nice mommy rescued him! : I'm flattered. : THE TRUE HERO IS.... ASH KETCHUP! : Really?! Can I see him, oh please, oh please? 5 min later: : As soon as I get back, I'm gonna kill you. 15 min later in Ultra Space: : *Goes to YouTube* : Run away, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.....


: Oh look! I'm in the process of catching you, Lunala, in Pokemon Ultra Moon! : What a coincidence! Me too in Ultra Sun! : Let's battle each other as soon as we catch ourselves! : Yea! 10 min later and : DIE MEEEE! used Oblivion Wing and turns to rock : What was that for?! : They said die me! : Then revive them! : I can't. That's Xerneas' job. : Then, get Xerneas! : Wellll, me and Xerneas don't exactly have a good relationship. Meanwhile.... : YVELTAL you are so.... UGH!
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