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Single post in ūü¶ä the zorua's journal [i added polls]

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about me
she//her, won't mind they//them "plus ultra!"
Hi there! I'm WaterWolf600, but please, call me Water, it's much easier and less typing. I've been on PFQ for quite a while now and am gradually working towards my big goals in the site. I currently live in Australia, as I have been for my whole life. My timezone can depend on whether or not it's daylight saving here, but it's usually either server +10 or server + 11. I'm usually quite a shy individual, but as I get to know you better, you might start to see me open up a bit more. I may not respond to random PMs which only have a simple 'hi' due to me not knowing how to respond back, sorry!


15th December
time zone:
server +10




Assassination Classroom Boku no Hero Academia Bungou Stray Dogs Fairy Tail Noragami Pokemon (:p)
  1. PMs I do accept PMs, however those without a clear conversation will most probably be ignored.
  2. Random trades Although I might accept trades which are labelled and has showed that it wasn't random (eg. reference to trade shop), I will be extremely confused if it's unlabelled and it will most likely end up declined
  3. Clicking When clicking, I will click whatever is in your party at the time. Sometimes, I may leave you until you have filled up your party, but usually, I'm focusing on getting clicks and thus won't check to see the amount of pokemon. Sometimes, I will click back, but that's mainly when I either have some time or just need the clicks.
  4. Battles Battling isn't really something which I have my focus on in PFQ, but if you ask beforehand, or if I initiate the battle, I would probably be willing to
  5. Trade evolving Yes, I'll help with trade evolving! ^^ Either send me a PM or a labelled trade and I'll get to you :)
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