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As the Title says the Roleplay will be 15+ due to Themes and potential Language, if you are not of age to participate, please do not make a form, otherwise, you are more than welcome to join in on this Roleplay.


1. All Basic PF Rules apply, potential Language may be used within the main Roleplay but only when relevant and necessary. 2. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. 3. Be respectful to your fellow Roleplayers. 4. Each Post much be AT LEAST a Paragraph Long. 5. When 'talking' out of character, such as showing Thought Processes, use these handy little things; * 6. No Killing of others characters unless explicitly given permission by them and only if it would be beneficial to the story, which requires it to go through me. 7. Humans and Gijinkas are permitted, however, certain age groups will have a set amount permitted, Age 16-24 is unlimited, but younger and/or older may be restricted to a certain amount. 8. Multiple Characters are fine, however, you can have no more than Three at a time, if you wish to create a new character and are at the cap, one of them will have to die off. 9. (Placeholder for further Rules should the become relevant in the future)

Opening Plot

You have no idea what you’ve done to deserve this, you’ve done nothing wrong as far as you can tell, so why were you kidnapped by a bunch of crazy people, upon your first coming to, the cells were inhospitable to say the least, your pokémon, gone, taken from you and who knows where they are or what happened to them, everything that made you, well... you, has been stripped away and discarded, to these people, you’re not even worth being called human. A few days in the holding cells later, you were once again knocked out and sent somewhere else, upon waking, you were given a choice, one of which there was no good answer, either be used for Experimentation, or be sent off to... ‘That’ Region for ‘Recon’ purposes, the one which has been dead for hundreds, if not thousands of years, anyone who goes there either dies or comes back infected with some sort of Disease that kills them quickly and then spreads like wildfire through the towns in which those people arrived in, what little dignity and self-respect you have left compels you to take the second option, a single pokéball is given to you, instinctively you know, this pokémon is not there for your protection, it’s too low-level, too... weak, not in any shape or form be of help to your situation. Once again rendered unconscious, you awake in a darkened cargo bay of some kind of boat, feet bound and chained to the benches lining the walls, there are others, likely just like you, but you also see criminals, well known ones that have are well-reknowned for the crimes they have committed, these are the people you’re lumped with? When the Engine slows down and the hatch opens, your restrictions are lifted and you find yourself being tossed like the trash bags on deck overboard, you at least spare yourself any injury when hitting the sand, it’s not over yet however. Getting your bearings, and filled with a bleak determination to get out of here, you watch the one vehicle around already fading into the distance on the Tainted Waters, they sure were in a hurry to leave, but that is unimportant compared to the low growling of a pokémon and the female voice coming down from the Cliff, “Let me guess, taken from somewhere against your wills, given the option of going to the slice ‘n dice table or sent to your inevitable deaths? You never had an option, and you most certainly weren’t told the truth about why you’ve been sent here.” the woman, surely no older than eighteen, slides from her perch and down onto the sands, it’s only when she lands that you notice something... odd about her, Cat ears? A Tail? Fur covering parts of her body? Whoever this is, certainly isn’t human, and doesn’t share the other traits of a Gijinka either. “Let me give you hapless wretches a true set of choices, One, you can try to fight me and end up as food for Nadira here,” she waved a hand at the now obvious Silvally, which looked distinctly hungry, “Two, you can try to hack it on your own, you won’t last more than a day before the infection gets hold of you, or Three, follow along and perhaps survive for a while.” Her arms folded and her expression changed to one of almost mild curiosity, you could now make out a slight... Buzzing sound? Definitely Mechanical, but where from? A few of the more... Criminal types immediately attempted to take the woman out as if they knew something you didn’t, but... they soon disappeared as they met a grisly end, the only correct choice? Obvious. Simply put, you’re not in a good position, either you follow this strange woman, perish to the ‘Region’ or risk going on the Experimentation Table if you even manage to get out of this hellhole, regardless her plans for this place will become clear in time, but for now, just try to survive, rebuild what little you can, and maybe, just maybe, by helping her, you can help yourselves. [Note] In your Character Form, you are more than welcome to adapt the opening plot to fit your characters position, should you be using a Gijinka as a Character, adapting the opening plot to fit the Character will be Mandatory, as in the world I have in mind, Gijinka are not Trainers and as such, do not have Pokémon to take.

Character Sheet

Character Name: Gender: Age: Home Region: Appearance: Preferred Types: History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Other:

Current Characters

My Own


Character Name: Minerva Gender: Female Age: 19 Home Region: Technically, none, however she calls Gaea Town in Torren her home. Appearance: Approximately 6 Foot and 1 Inch, weighing around 112 Pounds, Fur around her Chest, Wrists, and Ankles, Cat Ears atop her head with no human ones making it clear those are very much real ears, has a tail true, said tail is often wrapped around her waist to avoid getting snagged on various obstacles, Human Eyes with a red colour, white hair and fur, chest is medium sized but has gone through several reductions on her own part, fairly skinny, has a black 'Band' covering about half of her lower left arm. Preferred Types: Doesn't really care for Typings, does tend to lean towards Dark, Normal and Steel types however. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: For Roleplay reasons, nothing is being put here, when she opens up to people, this will be edited. Other: Houses a Nanomachine Colony within her, which makes for interesting Side-Effects, the same group that captured you and sent you to this 'Region' is constantly hunting her down, in a vain attempt at 'Reclamation'

Krysler Fermon

Character Name: Krysler Fermon Gender: Male Age: 16 Home Region: Unova, Opelucid Outskirts (Black2 Version) Appearance: Stands around 5 Foot 8 Inches, weighs roughly 140 pounds, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, as expected from a Trainer who traversed a Region, is fairly well built, just enough tone and mass to keep himself going, fairly unremarkable otherwise if you discount the Birthmark on his neck that resembles the Left Half of the Yin-Yang Symbol. Preferred Types: Psychic, Fairy, Poison History Prior to... 'The Incident': Actually grew up fairly well for a 'Plasma Baby', excelled in School, was slated for an Apprenticeship under Drayden, this required him to leave home unusually early for Unova Standards and travel the region, he did fairly well in the League, getting up to his 7th Badge before the attempted Neo-Plasma Takeover, he was fourteen at the time of this, and lost most of his team when Opelucid was frozen over, this alone was enough to make him quit the League Challenge for two years, to grieve, rebuild and process it all, he was due to restart his Apprenticeship but... the main plot of the Roleplay occurred, he is as far as most are concerned, namely those who believe the Media, dead, killed in a tragic accident in Spiral Mountain which coincidentally, was his last known location. Other: As far as the 'Dead Mans Land' goes, he's heard of it, who hasn't? It's always a topic of conversation in crowded places, especially when rumours of a person living out there, still sane, alive and very much un-infected started to crop up in the Old Plasma Circles, which his mother used to be a part of, as such, he has minor interest in the area, however, would never actually make the step to go there on his own, too risky, and the effects of a Rare Survivor making it back from there are both well-documented and well-versed, it was not on his 'to-do list' to try it on his own, ever. Is rather Idealistic, potentially pursuing said ideals to a fault, and on occasion, has to be restrained from doing so, a far cry from the 'King' who was all about Truth-Seeking.



Character Name: Venus, often goes by just V. Gender: Female Age: 16 going on 17. Home Region: Kanto. Appearance: waist length brown hair, tied in a ponytail. Tall and lanky. Often seen wearing dark colors or white on rare occasions. About 5 foot 9 tall. Preferred Types: psychic, dark and ghost. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Used to be a trainer helping Oak with the pokedex before getting mixed up in some bad things with team rocket and quitting. Now only wanders around with her eevee, probably the only one left she can truly trust. Other: N/A

Other (Open to Change)

With the exception of Minerva, if someone has constructive criticism about a character of mine, please, do PM me about them, I'm open to hearing your thoughts and opinions. As well as the Main Series regions, Some Fan-Game regions are in effect for this Roleplay, Torren (Insurgence), Reborn (Reborn) and Aevium (Rejuvenation) are the three current Fan-Game Regions that will be included within selectable regions your character is from, however, position of 'Augur' if you choose to create a character from Torren is non-applicable, again, for reasons as of yet undisclosed.

Varieties of Pokémon

Closed Heart

These Pokémon are early in their Infection or have some kind of Resistance to the problems plaguing this region, these are the easiest Captures and are more than likely capable of listening to their trainers, however, there have been reported cases of Closed Heart Pokémon still attacking their trainers or other Pokémon without restraint.


Shadow Pokémon are fully infected, do not listen to commands 99% of the time and WILL attack both human and other Pokémon indiscriminately and with intent to kill, only strong Entities with overpowering wills, Shadows can be reverted to Closed Heart Pokémon, and can then be further purified if the conditions are correct, they may turn into a Corrupted if there is a lack of a Corrupted in the area


Corrupted Pokémon are beyond Saving, the infection has fully taken hold and evolved to a point where no amount of help can revert them, think of a Shadow Pokémon, but a thousand times worse, where there are Shadows, at least Three Corrupted at minimum will always be calling the shots, in order to fully cleanse an area of Shadows and the Infection, these Corrupted must be... Put Down, as they will otherwise spread the infection without cease and very rapidly undo any work at Cleansing the surrounding area.


Deltas are incredibly common in the Region, the infection running rampant having mutated and warped the species in the area over the lengthy amount of time the Region has been abandoned by Human and Gijinka influence, Deltas as you may be aware are of Different Typing than regular Pokémon, and likely have different abilities, upon a Closed Heart being Purified, do not expect the Pokémon itself to be something you have experience with.


Don't expect to see these, on top of the rampant infection and how the genetic pool has been so vastly mutated, Regular Species have been all but wiped out, not to mention that should a Regular Pokémon exist, it will be hunted down as a part of the food chain or just to get rid of an 'Anomaly', should you find one, be extremely careful with it.

U Wot?

Bear in mind the Age Setting

Better make sure you're allowed

Final Warning, if not of the Age Restriction, please leave

Roleplay Thread

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