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Single post in The History of the Legends (In-Progress, update soon to come)

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First Meeting
Arceus dipped his head in acknowledgment, “Good day Sister Mew. Son Dialga, Daughter Palkia, Son Giratina. How are you enjoying your private dimensions?” Each of the Creation Trio got their own Dimensions, or their own room. The main Pokémon World was their equivalent to their living room. Dialga smiled, “Things have been great papa! Sis stopped barging into my room!” Palkia nodded, “Same here papa. The worlds and dimensions are expanding with every breath I take!” Giratina rumbled, “I removed the rules of Time and Space in my room.” Arceus nodded. He turned to the other six in the room, “How about you, Son Groudon, Daughter Kyogre, Son Lugia, Daughter Articuno, Son Zapdos, and Daughter Moltres?” Groudon spoke loudly, “It goes well but sister keeps wanting to expand the oceans.” Kyogre replied smartly, “There can't only be land brother. If there was only land every creature would die from dehydration.” Groudon roared, “But too much ocean means no place to sleep! Not every creature has gills!” Arceus eyed the two of the warily, wondering if he ought to create an older brother to break up fights between the two. He turned to Son Lugia and waited. Lugia gave a sigh, “Everything is holding stable for now. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have been a great help.” The three puffed their chests out and smiled proudly. The three chorused, “Anything to help Father Lugia!” Arceus turned to his sister, “You haven't said anything sister dearest. Is something on your mind?” Mew replied distractedly, “Do you really think 140 normal Pokémon is an okay number? It seems awfully small.” Arceus frowned, “Well it's not like there's a lot of land spread out…” Mew gave him a look and Arceus sighed. “Very well Sister Mew.” He closed his eyes in concentration and all the legendaries in the room stopped talking. They watched as a bright light consumed their Father and waited to see what he would create. As the light died down, they could see a large white creature with various odd pieces decorating it. Arceus announced, “This is your new brother, Regigigas, and he will move the land masses Son Groudon creates, so there will be more space and all the land will not be stuck together anymore.” The legends cheered. List of legendaries: Arceus, Mew, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, Kyogre, Regigigas Legendaries in Attendance:
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