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Chapter 3
Minun was now sitting near the mouth of the cave, watching. Prophet was repeating the information she gave to him, but now she spoke with a Magikarp, who was in a large rock 'bowl' of water to keep him from getting dehydrated, or so he claimed so intensely, making Minun assume it wasn't as neccecary as Magikap says. Alongside the fish was a Mightyena. Minun couldn't help but feel awful as they recoiled at the visions the Espeon revealed to them, even bringing Mightyena to tears. He hated that he had to shatter the hearts of two trusted Pokemon in order for them to understand what the quest had to offer. They had to trek into the vile mountain range where family and friends of the three were captured and stop Jolteon's rule over the Peaks, and to add pressure, faliure may lead to the fall of the Forest of Xerneas.
Before they went off, Prophet gave them a bag with five crystals, each with a different colour. Mightyena blinked. "Are these bits of those Z-Crystal things?" Prophet laughs weakly. "No, no. They are called Power Gems. Humans have never discovered them. They are the most closely-guarded secret we have. When the time comes, you will know how to use them. Once you use a crystal once, it is yours, and nobody else can use that gem. I added two extra just in case you find anyone that can help you." Minun took the bag. "Thank you, Your Grace, but how will we get in without causing alarm?" Prophet smiles, "I have gotten one of our mechanics to make a flying contraption that will make sure nobody will know you three are inside. Come along." And when they went outside, they saw a group of Quagsire pushing the biggest Hydreigon he's ever seen. In reality, it was a decoy. "Inside, you can operate it if you all work together, one steers, one gives directions, one keeps watch." "I call giving directions!" Mightyena calls. They laugh, give their farewells, and take off, Minun steering and Magikarp keeping watch, since he couldn't exactly steer, and Mightyena already decided to give directions.

Open to read!


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