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Syna nodded and the group headed into the tall grass of the route. The way they were headed was a little off the beaten path and Ash was excited to catch new pokemon along the way. After about an hour of traveling while Ash was battleing a Scyther, a swarm of angry Beedrill came buzzing down the path. In their anger they didn't stop for the group and accidentally knocked Syna's "mama" off of Arcentai's head, stinging her in the prosess. Syna ran over and caught mama just before she hit the ground. She laid her down gently and ran after the bees. While everyone was nursing the raileafon back to health with one of Kenna's magic balls Syna had caused all of the Beedrill to faint. She was so angry that her unknown powers had boiled to the surface. She was still smoldering and steaming while some of the trees were burning. Even her family was shocked when everyone caught up to her. They didn't know what had happened and Arcentai went over to lick the fire that was on Syna so she wouldn't get burnt.
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