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PFQ About - "Midnight City"

??? oh?? what's this??? Is this... NEW TEMPLATE??? Pastebin link coming reeeaaal soon! Just gotta post this I can have a link to this right out the gate! I promise I won't go on a four-month hiatus like last time Pastebin link!!! (if you want to change the icon, go to ".iconpic{") (if you want to change the div with the glowy border, go to .bg2{) (if you want to change the tab div color, go to .divcolor{) IF THE DIAMOND SHAPED ICON IS GIVING YOU ISSUES I have made a variant with a circle-icon ;u; Midnight City - Circle Variant - also, I got a new poll! I'm very dissatisfied with my older work, and ironically, the stuff I dislike the most is the more popular stuff.
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