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Type Race History Season 2!

Type Race 1: February, 2019

Ghost Team Never-Ending Nightmare Mass Click List 841 notes
same as first team last season. will the teams repeat in the same order this time around? also; i need to make more banners for team ghost quick check shows that last times click list members are all team ghost again. i guess it is repeating? not sure how i feel about that

Type Race 2: March, 2019

Psychic Team Shattered Psyche Mass Click List 1418 notes
again, same team. gonna assume it's going to be the same for the rest of this season

Type Race 3: April, 2019

Electric Team Gigavolt Havoc Mass Click List Banner 572 notes
team type guessed on March 17. And confirmed on April 1 May 12 edit: Ugh this month

Type Race 4: May, 2019

Rock Team Continental Crush Mass Click List 771

Type Race 5: June, 2019

Ground Team Tectonic Rage 79

Type Race 6: July, 2019

Flying Team Supersonic Skystrike 553

Type Race 7: August, 2019

Fairy Team Twinkle Tackle Hunt: Klefki 156

Type Race 8: September, 2019

Dragon Team Devastating Drake Hunt: Zweidour A List Dragon Team List 744

Type Race 9: October, 2019

Normal Team Breakneck Blitz Hunt: random (Throh / impish something) 484

Type Race 10: November, 2019

Grass Team Bloom Doom Hunt: Snivy 699

Type Race 11: December, 2019

Dark Team Black Hole Eclipse Hunt: nah full user list (old) recently online edited: 50 total 833

Type Race 12: January, 2020

Water Team Hydro Vortex Hunt: Sobble 420

Type Race 13: February, 2020

Bug Team Savage Spin-Out Hunt: Blipbug 1501

Type Race 14: March, 2020

Ice Team Subzero Slammer Hunt: Amaura & random (chained: Rolycoly, Silicobra, Applin) 2222 Day 1: 874 points Day 4: got to 1500+ points Day 5: was at 1818 points for most of the day

Type Race 15: April, 2020

Fighting Team All-Out Pummeling Hunt: Clobbopus 1839

Type Race 16: May, 2020

Steel Team Corkscrew Crash Hunt: Galarian Meowth 1331

Type Race 17: June, 2020

Poison Team Acid Downpour Hunt: none (G. Darumaka) 1107 Note: whoops. Forgot about this post.

Type Race 18: July, 2020

Fire Team Inferno Overdrive Hunt: Salandit 985

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