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Hello! (Part 2)

Amber scurried to the edge of the clearing, near a voluminous cotton bush. She leaned against it, and it caved in against her. “Ugh,” Amber groaned, through a mouthful of fluff. “Urmph?” It responded, shifting backwards. Amber’s head thunked onto the ground, and she found that she was looking up into a Whimsicott face, splattered with red juice. She swallowed. “Want some Cheri berries? They’re super ripe and juicy this month!” she asked “Uhh, sure?” Amber responded, plucking a Cheri berry from the bush behind her. Glancing at the Pokemon, she took a small nibble. She let the flavor bounce around her mouth, and then she spit it out a moment later. “Aaahh! It’s so spicy! How do you eat these?” She shrugged, “I just like them. I think there are some kinda bland-ish ones on the other side of the field” “There better be!” Amber grunted, and then asked, “Wait, what’s your name again?” “Oh, right, I’m Pixie Puff.” Amber nodded, “Right, I’ll try to remember that.” Then, a Skiddo slid to a stop right behind Pixie, and pleaded, “Help! Gab-b-r-r-riel’s tr-r-rying to get me!” He was followed by a golden dog, who replied with flames flickering from his mouth, “Then you better stop teasing me about Goldie!” “Never-r-r!” he replied defiantly. Pixie sighed and gave me an annoyed eye-roll. “Does this happen often?” Amber asked sympathetically. “Constantly. It usually ends with Goldie hearing her name and flying over, only to find the silenced boys.” She looked upwards and pointed, “Look, there’s Goldie” Sure enough, Goldie was winging her way to the small scene. “What what what what what?” she asked excitedly, “What about me?” “It’s nothing, Gold-d-die!” Whippersnapper responded. She sighed, “Fine, keep all your secrets to yourself!” she said, and lifted back into the air. Amber kept her eyes of the Swablu until it vanished in the mass of other Pokemon. “The usual?” a voice sounded behind her. Amber whipped around, and came face-to-face with an odd, round, green Pokemon with a mask over his eyes. “Yep,” Pixie responded, handing him a Cheri berry, “Here, have some. They’re ripe.” He took it with his circular, floating hands and took a bite. “Mmmmmm, they are,” then his eyes landed on Amber, and he asked, “And who are you?” “Oh, I’m Amber Bolt.” she replied promptly. “A new addition or a visitor?” “I’m just visiting,” she answered, and asked him, “Who are you?” “Ah, I’m Morpher. Masked Morpher.” “Oh, okay, Morpher...So, what exactly is this place?” Amber asked curiously. “This is a field, owned by Rusty, called...what was it? Oh, yes, ‘My Little Children’. She keeps Pokemon that can’t be kept in her party here. Are you following me?” he asked, making sure she understood. “Hmm...Okay, that makes sense…” She responded. “Good,” he said, took a bite of a Cheri berry, and continued, “I believe these days she is repetitively hatching the same types of eggs to see if she can get a special one, like us. I’m supposed to be an orange color in this forme, but I’m not. Thus, I am one of the ‘special’ ones.” Amber nodded and asked, “And how did you get all this information?” Morpher gave a sheepish grin, and replied, “Let’s just say it’s my and Sparky’s hobby to snoop around where we shouldn’t.” Amber smiled and nodded.
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