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Abagail rubbed at her face darkening face. It took everything in her power out there to not lose her cool in front of the townspeople she was desperately trying to convince. But, as her lack of fighting other Pokemon continued, the more eager her Spiritomb side came to do things in it's own way. Abagail let out a roar of frustration and buried her face in to her hands, still glossing over what she said, and what she planned to do from there. First things first, she had to relieve some stress by fighting, but she wouldn't be able to do that back at headquarters, lest there would be the chance that Edaerith would catch her. Before, her and a few other Pokemon secretly had bouts in the backyard and nearby field to strengthen their power, and for Abagail's thirst for combat to be quenched. But now, just the sight of her using her psychic or ghostly moves, and the Mawile may send her on her way, and that would NOT do well for her plans. So, she just had to train outside of the boundaries of the town, which leads her to where she teleported to now. Lifting her head from her palms, she looked around at her surroundings. "Will-o'-Woods. What a nice place... when you're an overeager adventurer trying to seek the secrets it holds in." Her explanation was followed by a huff. "On the bright side, a bunch of weak Psychic types live here." Her thoughtful mouth rose to a grin. Yes, her Sucker Punch and Ominous Wind would do her nicely against those wild fools. In no time at all, she'll be back to the way she felt before.
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